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Just got my first Gillette Tech!

Yeah, they're really cheap, but since you got the brush-case and yours looks in excellent condition, I think you got a good deal as well.

I love the history and common heritage of the tech.

Smooth shave are ahead, bud!

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The unsung heroes of the shaving world. The Tech and the Super Speed. All most of us will ever need. I can cruise all over my face at "ludicrous speed" with either razor. Three pass shave, easy, and you almost don't have to even pay attention.

My Timeless Bronze open comb? Yeah...that's more like James Bond disarming Goldfinger's atomic bomb. You have to be careful!
The Tech is a solid razor.
They have for years been
my favorite shavers.
And they’re inexpensive
and do a good job.
Enjoy it!
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