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Just got 250 blades, which do I try first?

I currently use a feather, and just put in a new blade yesterday! I have one shave on it so far.

Just got 120 Israeli personnas
100 pesonna labs
50 Gillette silver blue

I am looking for something sharp, but maybe not as sharp as the Feather. I can't wait for my Astra SPs to arrive :(

Which blade should I use?
I've used those 3 blades. I find the GSB distincly sharper than the other two. There are rabid fans of each of those blades on this forum. I prefer the GSB
I've used all 3 too.
For me
though don't get me wrong - as far as I'm concerned they're all top tier blades.
What these guys said. Basically, all of your blades are very highly regarded, and you can't go wrong, whichever you try next.
Tried a personna lab today, got a few weepers, but maybe it was because I was excited. I did a 2 pass with touch ups, and have almost a bbs.

Tomorrow, I will try the IP
I don't get weepers much, but Labs do it to me every time. The GSB's were smooth the first time I used them because I hadn't found really smooth blades at that point.. now I think they're a bit rough, especially compared to the Red's.

The Personna Red's are the best of the lot. They give perfect shaves every time. The only downside to the reds for me is I only go 3 rounds with em.

Those are all blades that have good reputations around here, but those are fairly large quantities to sample. I started with a sampler pack from West Coast Shaving, and then built my own sampler packs of different tucks after that.

Of course, being that those are popular blades around here, if any one of those don't work for you, you can sell or PIF them to another member fairly easily.
Merkur 180 long handle, I will try the GSB tomorrow :) Saving the IPs for last.

To be honest, the personna lab was a damn fine blade, much better than merkur blades (sharper too!).

I really can't wait for my astra SP to come in the mail, I hope those are my sweet spot. I will see the GSB and let you know!
Tried the GSB. Was smooth and sharp. I really don't think any of the blades I bought will give me a problem. I can't wait to try the IP on Monday. I usually take Sunday off.
The GSBs were sharp and smooth. I will try the ASTRAs on Monday, they came in today!!!!

I feel like all the blades I have gotten are pretty much the same, and at a good price too.

Much better than merkur....
If you ever have the chance to try Gillette Black blades, I think you'll really be pleased. One of my favorite blades that I've had the pleasure and opportunity to use and own 100 of.
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