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Just curious - this shaving brush looks massive

Hi everyone.

I was looking at some Youtube shaving vids and came across this particular one from an Italian barber called Paolo Barrasso. Now, maybe my eyes are out of whack, but to me, the brush he uses is very large, the largest I've seen. I'm just wondering if anyone can identify this brush ? He mentions in the video that he uses a large brush, but so far as I can tell, doesn't give a name.

Watch from about 6.40 onwards for a short while, them from about 8.50 onwards, also for a short while.

Many thanks in advance.
MntnMan62, many thanks for that super prompt reply. I dare say you're quite right. I just checked out the RazoRock website and it does look like an exact match.

Thanks again matey. Much appreciated.
buyandhold2018. Thanks for that. Yes indeedy. I did find a local online seller who has it. I'm not sure I can even lift it, let alone shave with it, but it looks like a great object simply to have as part of your collection. I'm tempted.