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Just curious about the tools you used to refresh(hone)

Good thread. I just got a Thuringian and slurry stone. I've used it a few times to touch up a previously honed edge. It will be interesting what more experienced SR razors employee.
Depends on my mood and how that edge was honed in the first place.
Can be any approach, Thuri, Pastes, Jnat, Ark, Coticule, Voz, Charn, LLyn Id, etc.
Whatever I choose though, it always works.
Besides lapping film . The first stone was a 1/4 peice from whipped dog. I think it was a natural Stone. Can't remember if it was Chinese or Japanese. It may have been the best stone in the world but I didn't know what I was doing.
Last night I refreshed a couple of by film honed/one tape layer razors using the Thuringian and followed by diamond paste on balsa, then horse hide strop.
For stainless I maintain using the method (pasted balsa)

For everything else I have a coti and a Charnley Forest that I use with oil. I find that I get better feedback with oil plus it's quick because I don't have to worry about water etc m. I pick one of these stones depending on the type of razor and refresh on that. If the razor is raspy I will drop down to a Dragons Tongue and a Llyn Melynllyn both with oil, cycling down and back again. If these don't sort things out (very rare) I put the razor aside for a full honing session.
Coticule, or Barber's hone. Both with lather. I just do it real quick in the bathroom. If it needs more than that I take it downstairs and refresh on a JNat when I have time.
Used a black arkansas from Natural Whetstone company last night. Hell of a edge. Not sure if it's a surgical n but it worked jyst fine. Greg B.

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If I am in a rush I have a small thuri I will do few strokes on. If I have more time than either on this nice coticule I have or a jnat.
Normally a few passes on a fine JNAT does the trick. I've found after a few touch-up sessions the edge may need more attention. I'll drop down to to 3/5K range until I know all is good, then back to a JNAT with slurry, then water only. Has been working well for a while.
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