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Just bought my first str8 - what do you think?

I just bought a 1950's Shumate #222 looks to be in good condition. What do you think? The best part is that it was $16! :biggrin:

I should have it in about a week or so... Ill post pics when I get it.

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Nice looking razor Matt

It will need a polish with a good metal polish and then honing. The edge looks as if the bevel will need to be reset. This sounds serious but it is normal. Most razors benefit from this process every couple of years.

The process of resetting the bevel will ensure you are shaving off an edge which is new metal with no faults whatsoever. In fact, the edge will be better than new.

If you haven't honed before, you should ask one of the professional honers to do this for you. It's money well spent.

Enjoy your razor, it's a good one.
Congrats on the razor it looks very nice. +1 on getting it honed by a professional if you don't know how to hone and don't forget to buy a strop...you will need that no matter what. Take your time and enjoy!
Thanks guys, not sure what the scales are made of. The guy I bought it from said they were kind of glittery gold & in good condition. Not bad for an eBay special. Ill will post pics once I get it. I was informed that the razor shipped today. So hopefully I can get it before the weekend =)
Well I just received the #222 Shumate I won on the bay. I don't have a camera at work so I cant take pics till tonight. I am no way an expert at straights. BUT Ill tell you the razor looks to be in Very Good condition.

Edge: is sharp, no nicks, cuts, breaks, cracks, dings.

Blade: no rust, pitting, only two very very light scratches (polish can probably take out) surface is shiny no way mirrored though.

Head: tiny bit of surface rust, maas can probably even clean that up. No dings, pitting etc

Point: is clean, sharp, no rust, pitting, dings etc

Heal: is clean, sharp, no rust, pitting, dings etc

Shoulder: no rust, dings, pitting, scratches, just needs to be cleaned.

Spine: just needs a good polish, no pitting, rust, dings etc.

Shank: mostly good looking, tiny bit of rust & grime. Polish and buffing will clean it up nice. Will need to be de/re-pinned to get to it.

Pivot Point: Same a shank, a tiny bit of rust, grime.

Tang: Good, just in need of some polish, buffing.

Scales: Look to be in good condition, they appear to be some sort of plastic & are glittery gold. No scratches, nicks, dings, just a little grime between them.

Spacer/Wedge: Looks like ivory or plastic? good condition, just a little dirty on the inside pocket where the blade is.

Box it came in is green and says its a Shumate #222 from St. Louis, MO

Overall it looks great, and for $16 I cant complain -- LOL

Ill post pics tonight.
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I've got a Torrey with those same scales. They certainly are different! If you need your new razor honed, I'll do it for free. If you're interested, just send me a PM.
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