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Just bought my first SE razor blade and I have some questions

Okay so I bought a lot of 4 vintage safety razors on the Bay and one of them included a beautifully ugly "Ever Ready" SE razor. I don't know if I'm allowed to post questions about my other razors since they're DEs so I'll just focus on the SE razor. I was curious as to what model and year my razor is, and was confused about what blades to use on it since my DE blades obviously don't fit. I saw some pics of the SE razor blades and they look pretty much identical to the ones used in the older, steel 'box cutters' so I was wondering if they were in fact the same thing.

Here's a picture of my razors from the auction:


Here's two pictures of the razor for aiding me in identification:

$DSC06361.jpg $DSC06363.jpg

And this is where my questions about the type of razor blade used in a SE razor begin...


I found these two blades lying around in an old drawer next to this box cutter and was wondering if these were indeed the types of blades to be used in a SE razor or is there such a thing as 'shaving grade SE blades'?


I tried putting a DE razor in and it didn't work out too well, so I got the idea of using one of these and voilà! It fits! The edges of the razor blade lied in the two little latches on wither side and it closes perfectly. But if I'm doing anything wrong or using the wrong types of blades please correct me and forgive my ignorance. I'm still learning :biggrin1:
It's a 1912 ... American made and post-1930.

Get it cleaned up and shave with it! This is the de facto single edge shave. They respond VERY well to metal polish, like Peek, Elsdterglanz & Mothers. Use a toothbrush. Yes, it'll get a little scratched from the nylon bristles, but I think that's the least of your problems - give it a damn good scrub with the polish.

Good luck and have fun!

I hope to see some shiny metal soon ...
Would I use any solvent to get the caked on dirt, grime, and scum off of it? Maybe something gentle like a diluted mix of Simple Green w/ water? Or maybe white or apple cider vinegar and water?
Thank you for your replies, but I have another question: As for the blades, are there special 'shaving blades' out there or are the blades used for box-cutters, like the one shown above, the same blades that are used in a SE razor?
Order some good GEM Personna stainless steel blades online. You don't want to use those box cutter blades.
Oh just saw your reply. Any specific reason why? Or are they just inferior quality to the shaving blades? Because I have some clean box cutter blades lying around, if that's the problem.
I have the razor soaking in a hot bath right now with a small splash of Simple Green and I've tried scrubbing it with a hard-bristled toothbrush but there's a lot of that gunk still clinging on. I have a couple of bronze brushes for the old rifle lying around, should I take one of them to the razor and start scrubbing or will the bronze wires mess up the steel?
Oh just saw your reply. Any specific reason why? Or are they just inferior quality to the shaving blades? Because I have some clean box cutter blades lying around, if that's the problem.
Inferior quality. Some Walgreen's drug stores carry the GEM SE. Mine did not.
The shaving blades have a much different grind than box cutter/paint scraper blades. I get the shaving blades at my local CVS drugstore, but not all carry them. A lot of guys here buy SE blades in bulk from Ted Pella: http://www.tedpella.com/dissect_html/blades.htm
Thank, I'll definitely check it out. I tried cutting some of the hairs on my arm with the box cutter blade and it didn't do that good of a job, guess I should have tried that first.
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