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Just Acquired - Need Advice

I just was given a couple of my great grandfathers straight edge razors. I've been a DE razor guy now for a couple of months, but know nothing about these.

One is a Durham Duplex and it looks to take disposable blades?

The second is a Hammett & Katter - Made in Germany - With box

The H&K looks to be completely ruined. I'm sure its the more desirable of the two. Is there any way to restore this to usable or at least better looking condition?

What is the Durham Duplex good for?
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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I'm wondering if the scales can be repaired and polished out on the Hammett & Katter and used on a new blade. I've been looking for a similar replacement blade. The box I have for it says "Our Best" "Germany" on it.
The scales may have caused the problem on the razor. Others with more experience may chime in, but I think I would pass on trying to use them.
I agree.

The greenish scales seem to have generated formaldehyde gas. This happens sometimes with celluloid scales and such a chemical reaction oxidizes the blade irremediably. Contaminated razors must be isolated from the sane ones.
Wow, the last one looks like someone tried to bake some cookie dough into the shape of a razor blade. Nice to have something from your great grandpa, but that razor is toast. If you keep it, make sure it is kept well away from any others you might have. You don't want that stuff breeding.

The Durham Duplex looks to be in good shape and, yes, it takes disposable blades. Since you now have one, do yourself a favour and go watch Captains Courageous with Spencer Tracy; one makes an appearance in it.
The scales may have caused the problem on the razor.

From the picture it looks that there is a lot less rust on the tang, so the scales might indeed be the reason for this heavy corrosion on the blade... (At first look I suspected the razor was stored in a moist place for long time, but the tang looks a lot less corroded)

I got a reply from Maggard's today. I asked them about doing anything and they said the same thing. The off-gassing from the celluloid caused the rust. They also said that putting a new blade and re-using the scales would create the same problem. This was stored in the original box in a cedar lined chest for the past 75 years so probably minimal moisture. The Durham Duplex was in the same location and as you can see, it's in fairly decent shape.

Now that you mention the Duplex, Is it missing something? I looked at some pictures online and it looked like they had an open comb on them or something around the blade different from what I have.
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