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Just a question and many more will follow

I started wet shaving almost a year ago and read here and lurked here plenty. I have tried so many razors and blades, which was fun! I settled on my Timeless and I honestly don't think there is a better razor! I love my Feather blades, Med Preps, Kai's, GSB's, etc.

I had only used a few brushes. First was a VDH boar, then a Perfecto badger, then Vie Long Horsehair, and then a synthetic I didn't want but could stand to see it sit in the store for months and no one buying it.

All of that being said is I ordered my first Simpsons brush but went cheap with it because it was just a special in Pure. $22. Fine! I always wanted a Simpson. Love the knot size and the lather it can make. Was going to order it in Pure but don't know why. Love the handle and the size but I see all of the brushes going bigger.

I just want a tool that does it's job. I have noticed it takes a little more water for lather. Guess that is because of the dense hair Simpson puts in it. Even at $22 it was nice feeling such a well made handle when I opened the box.

I don't know that there is really a point to this thread except to say I am a Simpson fan. Oh yeah, can I actually face lather and make circular strokes instead of painting like their instruction sheet shows? That was my main question when I started this thread. Sorry for the long paragraphs!

As for the question the OP asked... do whatever you like with your brush, it's a tool, not a Rembrandt.

I've been using circular motions with my brushes for years... and nothing bad has happened. Now I use painting strokes... Just be sensible!:001_cool:

I just wonder if I put a dollop of shaving cream in it and lather on my face that if it is okay. I have been sticking to soaps since I got it.
Be careful !!! You may very well got hooked on Simpson's --- mighty fine brushes !
Enjoy your new special Pure. Shaving with a Simpson's brush is a delight !
I currently rotate five brushes, and enjoy them all. Two Simpson's, two RR's, and a Semogue.IMG_1827.JPG


Ask me about shaving naked!
Most of my favorite brushes are good examples of Simpsons Best Badger. I like their handle shapes better than anyone elses, the Duke 3 handle and the 50-series (esp the 57 amd 58) are classics, as are the Persian Jars.

Cheers, Steve
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