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June 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in, perfect shave wih this great combo.

Gillette new rfb
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Anbbas synth brush
Extro Cosmesi 17 Stormo (SOTM)
Nivea sensitive ASB
Brut Musk EdT

Happy wth this slick soap......

Back in, 7/9

This is the part I hate about ordering stuff. It's been like this since I took the big jump into DE shaving back in mid-April.
The waiting and worrying. Is my stuff going to be delivered to the correct address? Will it still be there when I go to retrieve it?
It does feel rather silly getting back in after falling out. But I suppose that's why gentlemanly restraint is a practice. Keep trying because every day is a day to practice exercising it.
I am still in but looking for advice or support or accomplices.

I enquired with a local (Aus) online seller about some tallow contining Tabac they had on their website, I have Tabac but only the new formulation. Unfortunately they advised they only have the new non-tallow version but that if I was interested in tallow soap they do still have some MWF with tallow. :001_unsur

I have never tried MWF but I know it is an iconic soap and the tallow versions are disappearing fast.

Should I break my first GRUME for some potentally never to be seen again tallow MWF or just live in permanent ignorance of how good or bad this soap was. Given if I get some and love it, it will be in the knowledge I can't get more... Or is it better to have loved and lost rather than to have never loved at all...
Its a nice soap but NOT worth dropping out of something you have committed 6 months to. Just my humble opinion.
Be well
Shave #7
- Still Out -

  • AOS Bourbon - SOTM
  • Kent BLK8 - 28mm
  • ATT SB90
  • Wilkinson Sword (G) - 4
  • Kiehl's Blue Astringent
  • Mentholated Nivea 2-in-1 Splash
There are plenty of great soaps; tallow and non-tallow. Why fail at the first hurdle when nothing is really at stake? Hang tight, brother!

I haven’t used MWF but I ran for the tallow Tabac as I knew its performance and am happy with the scent.

Reading threads here people praise and cuss MWF. Super performance vs. being finicky to lather. I decided to leave it as I have stocked other tallow soaps to last me a good while.

If I’m not mistaken Haslinger Schafsmilch comes up quite often as a readily available alternative.

Seeing that you have never used MWF @PersistentlyBlunt I think you are experiencing FOMO more than anything. You already have great soaps working for you and there are many other great soaps that have gone unobtanium for various reasons. Some get good praise as well, but I just know them from the pictures. MWF is a nice soap indeed, but not “stocked up to the ceiling” nice - at least not for me.

That said I have broken GRUME to get a puck of tallowed Tabac to join Tabactober. Never used that before too - now I know. And I should have stayed in GRUME…


Its a nice soap but NOT worth dropping out of something you have committed 6 months to. Just my humble opinion.
Be well
Well NOW you all tell me...

Just kidding of course.
Good evening GRUMERs - I trust you all had a good week and some great shaves and you're all still in!

Despite my lack of progress updates - I'm still in!

I'm afraid that things at work and also at home have conspired against me and although I have shaved 5 times since my last post nearly a week ago, I simply haven't had time to keep up with this thread let alone post to it.

So, a quick update before I post again tomorrow after I shave in the morning.

Shaves one and two of the last five were the same as previous - same hardware and software, same technique, same passes and route around my face etc etc. But I had irritation around my neck which was quite uncomfortable.

Clearly me - nothing to do with my equipment. I figured that my stress levels were leading me to do two things I shouldn't: I think I was applying more pressure to the razor than I thought I was (I was convinced I wasn't); and, I realised I was fixating on BBS too much.

So, change of tactic - I moved down from effectively a 4 pass shave every 1.5 to 2 days to shaving every day with only 2 passes with minimal touch-up allowed.

This worked - shaves much more comfortable and I got the pleasure of shaving every day for 3 days. And I achieved DFS+ each time but it didn't last as long - so shaving every day became a requirement. I think the Athena excelled at this.

Next shave tomorrow morning - will update with pictures all being well.....
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