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June 2022 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)


  • 28/30 days in GRUME June (93.33% completed, still in at the moment, but I might be on the way out - due to prior commitments I cannot make the 1st of July restock date so that’s going to be later today. But maybe I don’t have to, because birthday is coming up as well.)
  • 27/30 days High Efficiency Razors in June
  • 177/179 days of 365 days of shaving (98.88%)
  • Steep Angle Shaving Alliance (SASA)
Today was barbershop day. My dad and I went to New York Barber in Rotterdam at Hotel New York (which was once the boarding location for settlers leaving for America - hence the name). He got a beard reshape and I went for an Italian shave. Funnily enjoy the barber used the exact same products I use at home so my skin was totally ok with the shave!

He went mostly WTG in terms of passes and if I counted correctly he did 2.5 passes. Not entirely sure, because I had my eyes closed and enjoyed the hot towel treatment and other pampering. Not fully BBS either by the way, but a very comfortable shave indeed. I think I will do this more often. My dad thought so too 😁.
And as great as it was, nothing beats a shave you do yourself, so also very happy to be back for a shave tomorrow!

Prep:Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Proraso Green preshave
Hot towel
Cream:Proraso Green
WTG (2.5)
Aftershave:Cold towel
Balm:Proraso Green
Rating:11/10 CCS

Have a Great day everyone
Still in 🙏🏾

Strange itches now and then, trying to seduce me to buy stuff I don't need.
I'll teach them who's making acquisition decisions here and it's not itches.
Just regististered for July GRUME, to stamp out those blasted itches 💪🏼

Great shave with the ultra light weight all plastic STRAUME. 80's Soviet vintage from Lithuania.
The engineer who designed and constructed this hidden gem deserves a B&B medal of honour.



  • 29/30 days in GRUME June (96.67% completed and still in - final laps)
  • 28/30 days High Efficiency Razors in June
  • 178/180 days of 365 days of shaving (99.4%)
  • Steep Angle Shaving Alliance (SASA)
Prep:Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Proraso Green preshave
Razor:Fatip Piccolo Open Comb
Blade:Tiger Platinum (3)
Brush:Omega Proraso
Cream:TGS Inferno
Bowl:Proraso Green
Slanted on the neck
Aftershave:Proraso Green
Balm:Proraso Green
Rating:10/10 BBS

Notes to today’s shave can be found here:A newbies journey into DE shaving - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/a-newbies-journey-into-de-shaving.622889/post-11825706

Have a Great day everyone
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