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June 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in.

As I wrote earlier in this thread, the Treet Dura Sharp was the surprise of the month. I got the blade to 17 shaves. The last one (yesterday) was the first that felt uncomfortable. At this rate the blade surpassed my previous favorite, the Personna Lab Blue. Same durability at a fraction of the cost (EU prices).

I'm on the verge of retiring all other razors in favor of the Merkur 34c (23 shaves in June). I also used boar brushes for 29 out of the 30 shaves.

I started the month using whatever soap I fancied on the day. However, I found a suitable coffee mug at home lately that I use for loading. I transferred my Dr Harris puck there, put a Cella sample on top and this is what I am using for the second half of the month with a plan to 3017 from now on whatever is in that mug.

See you in the July thread and happy shaves! :)


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Still in, and signed up for the July GRUME. I had a lot of great shaves this month and a couple of close calls; but despite losing out on some hot deals, I'm glad that I successfully completed June's GRUME.
This is our last day of June GRUME. Sincere congratulations to the gents who made it through, especially if you've been able to string together multiple months!

And so, it's time for one final June:

Roll Call!

1) @FoolishMortal
2) @pbrmhl
3) @Rustyshackelford - out (6/26: Vector and blades)
4) @Timeclo - out (6/5: CG Maze handle)
5) @Roedeer
6) @StratMan
7) @Schnitzel52
8) @Flintstone65
9) @chillybase - out (6/10: blades)
10) @Sotiris_A
11) @RTM
12) @cryhavoc
13) @k2clones29
13) @Stuart Ganis
14) @Ejones0310
15) @Tomo
16) @Chef455 - out (6/9: soaps and razors)

I hope to see you all in July!
I made it in June and am still in in July.
Sorry for the slow reply it has been a crazy week.