June 2019 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Discussion in 'Clubs and Brotherhoods' started by FoolishMortal, May 30, 2019.

    Didn't win my auction. I'll admit the intent was there, but I didn't actually buy anything. So... Still in.
  1. I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday...
  2. SOTD

    Timeless Titanium .95 OC
    Simpson's Chubby 2 Super Badger
    Bullgoose SV Colonia Soap
    Astra SP x1
    Captain's Choice ceramic bowl
    SV Colonia AS Balm
    Great shave! 2 pass head and face. 5 days growth. WTG and ATG. Forgot how slick this soap is and the post shave is fantastic! This is why SV is in my top 3. GRUME for the rest of the year.
  3. I am not even visiting Amazon. No worries... Emails from shops i deleted them on sight without opening them.
  4. That's a solid strategy!
  5. June 9 SOTD
    Lots of yardwork this morning so didn't get the the shave until this afternoon. Didn't care about BBS for hours since I'll shave tomorrow morning with my straights. So I decided to make today a fun shave.

    Omega 637 Silvertip
    3 (W/X/ATG) passes with the Rolls Viscount
    ATG cleanup pass with the Old Type

    Who needs new stuff when you already have such great toys!

    (Now, if I can just get the Rolls blade as sharp as I would like it to be... I'd love to do a Rolls-only shave.)
  6. I had a fun shave today as well. Two days worth of growth, a new Nacet blade in the old Karve, and balm... smooth.

  7. Nancy Boy is top shelf stuff!

    I went with A&E summer fig today. Actually considering getting back into 3017 with it as it's one thing my third trimester wife can consistently stomach / enjoy the scent of!

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  8. Man, I know how that goes... and hey, 3017ing A&E isn’t a hardship.
  9. SOTD
    Head and Face

    Timeless Titanium .95 OC
    Astra SP x2
    Simpson's Chubby 2 Super Badger
    Boellis Panama 1924
    Captain's Choice ceramic bowl
    Proraso Green​
    Always a great shave with the 1924! Sorry, no picture today.
  10. I expanded the hairline crack in my Old Type Sunday. But one hit eBay Buy It Now with a crazy low price within minutes of finishing my shave. I don't think they knew what they had.

    I was tempted to stretch the "broken/replacement" caveat for GRUME, but then saw a NOS Rolls blade in a Bakelite case. Definitely not a replacement...

    I'm out.
  11. Well ... congrats? Lol
  12. Still going strong!
  13. DEPenguin

    DEPenguin Contributor

    Still hammering away. :001_cool:
  14. Out like the fat kid in dodgeball!

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  15. Noooo!

    Details, please...
  16. Halfway there. Still in. No temptations so far.
  17. Still in!

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