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July Photo of the Month Challenge

Rules & Conditions:

Entries should have been taken between November 1, 2020 and July 19, 2021.
Post processing is allowed.
When post processing is used please elaborate a bit on what you did.
You must be the photographer.
One entry per month.
Contest runs until the 19th of the month.
Voting goes from 20th to the 26th of the month.
Person with the most votes picks the theme for July.

This month’s challenge gives everyone a chance to enter something.

Subject : Something/Someone Watching Something/Someone

Examples include but are not limited to people watching people or pets, animals stalking, birds hunting, etc.. This is the photographer catching something watching something else.
I’m bumping this to the top so it has a better chance of not getting missed I missed it until now.

Nana painting our granddaughter’s nails fit the first time. It’s a old photo, so if that disqualifies it, so be it. Post processing was little tweaks to exposure, contrast and color balance. This is from an iPhone 6.

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Get your entries in guys. Voting starts tomorrow. Like what we have so far a lot, but I did think the topic would be more popular.
I thought there would be lots of photos, but looking through my images, I find I haven’t taken that many that portray watching. I guess I have a new category to e poorest.
It was a very close race, but the winner of the July Photo Challenge by one vote is:
Congrats sir.
You call the subject of the August challenge.
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