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July news at Saint Charles Shave

Hi Gentlemen,
I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July celebration with family and friends! I enjoyed our annual bar-b-que feast followed by over two hours of fireworks after dark (the sale of fireworks is legal in our County). We adults applauded, and 'ooh'ed' and aahh'ed' the preliminary display of the children at dusk (with parental help) of snakes, smokebombs, jumping jacks, tanks and parachutes. Someone made the horrible mistake of letting one child have more parachutes :). A cupcake cured the injustice of it all. Then it was the big boys turn and they put on quite a show and finale! It was a fun filled night with all who are dear to me.

I'm running a little behind schedule this month but I'd like to tell you about the new products SCS is introducing in July. Bamboo Sugar Scrub in 8 ounce jars is now available. Sugar cane produces glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin. My Bamboo Sugar Scrub is made with pure cane sugar and mildly lathers, so no need to use additonal soap. It is suitable for face and body. A good lather will be produced with the use of a bath pouf in the shower (or a 3M scrubber if a 'pouf' is too "girly" :). To use the scrub, rub into wet skin, leave on for one to three minutes and rinse well. I recommended you try a small test area first to assure safe exfoliating. It is lightly fragranced with the unisex fragrance of Bamboo.

The SCS fragrance of the month is 'Cool Lime'. It is available in stainless steel bowls and also, 2.5 and 3. inch cakes. I still have a couple 3" cakes of Orange Sorbet available. Sorry, no bowls or 2.5" size.

I am very excited about a new EDT that will be introduced soon. I hope to make this available on my website on or about July 12th. It is called "B & B Bay Rum with a Twist". I was approached by members of this forum, "Badger and Blade", to attempt to make a cool summer fragrance, combining cool and clean lime, with the qualities of Bay Rum. After a number of attempts, this blend was chosen and appropriately named. It will available to all. Look for samples in your orders; while supplies last.

To the members of Badger and Blade who made this request, "Thank You" for choosing SCS for this endeavor. And as a "Thank You" to my customers, I will be enclosing complimentary 3" cakes of a limited run of shave soap fragranced with 'B & B Bay Rum with A Twist' in the first 20 orders for the new EDT.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer!!
Best, Sue

Saint Charles Shave
mark the shoeshine boy said:
make sure i get signed up and I won't post any more bikini pictures of you again, without permission...promise...

mark tssb
You tell that to all the gals.:wink2:
Hi Sue, will the B&B shave soap be available for sale if we miss out on the give away ones? I am planning a order but would like to wait until all the B&B goodies are ready. Cheers, DJ.
I am unsure. If the soap I will be sending as complimentary cakes for the EDT introduction is well received, I may offer it at some point in my line of soap fragrances. I would probably have to discontinue one of the others to do that though.
mark the shoeshine boy said:

My word is a strong as Ron's Breath !!!!!!

mark tssb
If odor was everything, I am sure you would be among the strongest men on earth! Now be nice or we'll have to tell Sue that you were the reason they gave up on DNA testing in MO.:a19:
Sue, sorry for answering so late, it's hard not to enjoy it. It's just a wonderful fragrance, spicy, rich, and even exotic. Perfect for my body chemistry. You produced a winner! :smile: :smile:

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