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July 4th Contest


We commemorate the birth of our nation this coming weekend. Let us recall the liberty and rights that we exercise as we celebrate America.

What better time to have a contest! There will be three winners drawn and this is CONUS only please. Each winner will be able to select one full size item from our brand new Nor'easter product line AND select one free sample pack. That's right, each winner will receive two items of their choosing. We have sample packs of our aftershaves, creams, balms, and soaps.

The three winners will be selected by random.org in a few days or so. Stay tuned right here to find out if you are a winner. How do you enter? Simple, just answer this question. "What is the airspeed velocity of..." :biggrin1:

Nawww, here is your question: Tell us a favorite July 4 memory you have. This can be from your childhood or it may be a tradition you take part in each year.

To whet your appetite:

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I'm in and thanks for such a great PIF.

My favorite July 4th was probably watching the fireworks show from the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC. People were sitting around the Reflecting Pool. Some were even wading in it to cool off. Someone opened their backpack and slipped a toy remote-controlled shark fin into the water. He would steer the shark fin over towards the kids and it would leave a big wake, like in the movie Jaws. They would start screaming and then giggle their heads off when they realized what was going on.
Very generous. I'm in.

My favorite 4th of July was taking my 2 1/2-year-old son to my small hometown. They still had an old-time parade with politicians in convertibles, floats, and farm equipment Everyone in the parade was throwing candy to the kids. My son was so excited he didn't know whether to chase candy or stand in awe of the tractors.

Brian C.

I'm in and thank you so much sir.

My favorite July 4th memory is a week long kayak trip with my family.I ended up with a 2nd degree sunburn and learned to listen to my wife more. Lol.
Growing up in Michigan my father would drive to Ohio and purchase a large supply of fireworks every year. The large bottle rockets and ground flowers mostly... but if you ask me or my brothers we will all recall the cigar me dad would smoke and use to light the rockets with. That’s one of the only times my father explained how to to us. He had a tendency to just let us figure things out on our own. How to enjoy a cigar was a different story. I don’t smoke em often but when I do I think of my father, bottle rockets, Fourth of July fireflies, and how to share what you love with whom you love.
Love the Nor'Easter after shave and will probably order the shave soap eventually, but not in. You have been more than generous to me.

This is not my favorite memory, but I think about it every 4th of July. I recall arriving at Ft Rucker on July 4th, 2006, for my Warrant Officer Candidate School. I spent my last night of freedom talking with my wife and watching the fireworks on post. The following several weeks were not pleasant, but the career that followed was worth the experience.

My favorite memory is that of going to see my grandparents in a small town in Ohio. We went to the stereotypical small town 4th of July parade, with fire trucks, tributes to the military, and high school marching bands. At night we went to the parade grounds to see the fireworks. I sure miss being able to call my grandparents, but I am so grateful for the legacy they left when they were still here.

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Cap'n, you can always be counted on to help make memories! I'm in. One of my favorites was while I was in college. I had bought my first motorcycle just a month or so earlier. I left my apartment, got on the bike, and rode up the canyon nearby where I could get a good view of the sparklers in the sky. With the motorcycle on its center stand, I stretched out on the tank and seat, laid back and enjoyed watching the rockets and listening to their booms. Once the show was over, while everyone else sat in the cars waiting for the long lines to slowly move out, I hopped on my bike and slipped right on by them all and was back home in 20 minutes. I think that was my favorite part!
I'm in. Thanks!

Skiiing Tennis and Fireworks (1971)
There was a leftover snow after some late snowstorms.
A group of six of my ski tennis buddies headed to the high country and backpacked in to make a four short runs and then headed back to Denver for a round robin tennis event in Littleton. Afterwards, we had teriyaki burgers and food at John's house. We clowned around in the back yard before going to a local overlook where we could watch three different fireworks show.
What fun!
I'm in! My favorite memory of the 4th is last year. I was part of a Civil War reenactment on the Whitewater Valley RR in Indiana. We were in the middle of the battle, I was the bugler. When the dust cleared, I was the only one still alive, everyone else had died. So I start playing taps. It was great fun.


African or European Swallow?

I'm in.

My favorite memory of 4th of July would probably be the year I was overseas (a Spanish enclave in North Africa). Being away from home made me appreciate home even more. Plus the expat community got together and had a cookout.
I'm in. Very generous PIF, Cap.

I've loved reading everyone's favorite 4th of July memories; sounds like some very good memories have been made over the years!!

My favorite memory actually is our family tradition. My brother and I either go golfing or for a motorcycle ride, then to my Dad and Mom's for a barbecue, and when it gets dark enough, my brother and Dad pull out a huge stash of fireworks that my brother-in-law will light off. We've done this for quite a number of years. I've enjoyed just sitting and visiting with my family.


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I'm in! Thanks, Scott. My favorite memories are going to our uncle's farm and watching him shoot off his civil war cannon! Also, used to enjoy the rocket fireworks that had the little parachutes inside.

Happy Independence day!
Not in as I am not a menthol person, but I will share anyway.

When I first moved to where I am now, a friend invited me to his small town Olde Tyme Fourth of July Parade and Car Show. The parade started out with all of the vets from the town walking in whatever parts of their uniforms they had left over, then the high school band (not in uniform because it was Summer), then floats from local businesses which included a couple of trucking companies, farm equipment businesses, and the local mortuary. Everyone had a great time and it was very informal. Of course, the car show down the side streets were something to look at.
I am in, Your products are always good. Your contests always makes me think of memories of the past at should never be forgotten.

I have 2 memories of the July 4th holiday that stand out growing up in northern Illinois.
The first is growing up we lived next to a county sherif a great neighbor. One year my dad and him had an odd noise contest back and forth. It started out with a few fire crackers back and forth. Then went to the long lengths of fire crackers strings. Then it went to a few M-80s. It end when the my dad shot 5 rounds (with a single action the 6th chamber is not loaded for safety) his single action Ruger BlackHawk .375 Magnum in to the ground. My Dad won that year and this happened before the drinking started. Dad past away several years ago, I still take that same gun out on July 4th and shoot 5 shoot.

The other memory was 1 of my friends dad and his neighbor would start drinking and blowing up fireworks all sorts of stuff. After awhile the either got drunk or bored and then the would start loading the kids Tonka Trucks with M-80s and roll them down the hill to see what would happen. Then the next X-mas he would get new Tonka Trucks and the cycle started over again. The best was the Tonka Winnebago.

Thanks for another great contest.
I forgot to say “I’m in” and another fond crazy young memory is having Roman Candle fights with my friends. No one lost an eye or anything but it still was fun. lol