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All of this sitting around doesn't help control buying stuff. For the moth of July:

RazoRock SLOC razor head

*Schick Proline P30
*Tatra Platinum (x100)

Shave Soap
*RazoRock Essential Oil of Limes
*RazoRock Puros

*Bloc Osma Alum
*Calvin Klein Eternity
*RazoRock For New York
*RazoRock Tuscan Oud
Today I spent the day antiquing with my lovely wife and I scored more than she did today. I think I got some pretty good deals I hope you enjoy them.
First up is a little Gillette travel razor the case isn't in the best shape but for 10 dollars I figured why not.

Next up is a Swedish Frameback Straight razor. It was funny because I said to my wife "if I find a Swedish Frameback Razor today I'm going to buy it. Found one about half way through the store at it was 40 dollars so I took it home. No to hone it up so I can shave with it tomorrow.
Next up a Boker King Cutter Straight razor
Next is a tin of Willams Talcum for Men and it full.
Next up is a NOS Ever-Ready single edge razor in the box. Got a good deal on it for 20 dollars.
Last up is what I believe is a type G Schick Injector for 10 dollars why not.
Not a bad day of shopping .
Yesterday I received a package from A&E, but there was a minor mistake. I was supposed to receive the Peach & Cognac soap instead of the Undersea aftershave, but no big deal & Peter is already on it. Last week I finally receive my package from Top of the Chain. It takes a bit from Canada, but also no big deal. I tried the Albion of the North set this past week and it was outstanding. It reminded me a lot of Dr Jons Sunday Funday Cold Fall Morning. A great scent.

At first smell from the puck, Undersea reminded my of PAA's Avo Nice from the SoCal meet. After using it this morning, the similarity is less notable. Undersea has more depth, a bit more refreshing, and just plain better. All are a treat to use.