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Journey continues

Been DE shaving for a while now and slowly acquiring razors. Have a small number of Gillette techs including P3 birth year and a new coupled with a tech cap. New razors include the king c, Wilkinson sword traditionals (old plastic and new TTO), Razorock teck II a new to me razorock old and a parker 97r

I started out buying a cheap set from eBay the razor was a concord TTO with some 7 o clock blades, as an introduction it did the job. Shortly after a purchased a Parker 97R, narcissism played a part my surname is Parker.

The parker was way too aggressive for my face, bloodletting was a regular occurrence. Following a question on this forum I sailed the bay of E and found an English flat bottomed pre war tech. The tech was/is great and returned great shaves.

years later and following using different razors I brought the Parker out of retirement figuring if I’m able to get on with the open combs of the new and razorock old I should be able to use the 97 without turning the sink red. I was pleasantly surprised and achieved a great shave with two passes.

technique and muscle memory I believe is the key.
This hobby is a most enjoyable journey. You have acquired some nice razors, congratulations. Enjoy the journey!
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