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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Yes thats right. Baby shampoo. Now hear me out.....

We all endlessly search for that perfect shampoo that isnt too harsh on our hair, each of us receiving various results. Well, I figured, why not just try the gentlest shampoo out on the market? Ive been using it everyday/every other day for the past month or so and am impressed with the results. My hair has never been softer. It doesnt frizz up or look thin and wirey like it used to. I barely even use a conditioner anymore (not that I usually did anyway). Every week or so I wash with Selsun Blue or some other dandruff shampoo to get that "deep" clean and use baby shampoo the rest of the time. Thus far, it has worked great.

For a frame of reference, Ive tried all the American Crew brands, Baxter, Woodys, and Menscience. All are great shampoos in their own right, but this baby shampoo has been better for my hair. Plus, it only costs a few bucks at the grocery store.
Realize two things:
Baby's hair is different than adult hair. The cuticule is tightly closed and there is very little sebum produced.
The surfactants in baby shampoo are picked because they do not sting or even have an anesthetic effect upon the eye.
"I'm a man... I do manly things. I can push my truck three blocks with the emergency brake on. I eat glass. I'm tough on myself and I'm tough on my women. The one thing I'm not tough on is my hair. That's why I use..."
what kind of hair have you guys got?

Mine is a little bit dry and very thick and a bit frizzy too.
my partner recommended using conditioner 1-2 x a week.

Been trying conditioners and today i forgot to wash out the conditioner (cos i am not use to it). I showered, shaved and got my clothes on then went to do my hair and realised my conditioner was still in there.

Had to put my head under the sink to get it out. as i type, i can still smell it. i hope it doesn't increase my rate of grey hair growth.
Eh, why not. I used it a time or two when I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle. My hair seemed nice and clean. I don't know how well it would do with prolonged use though.
I like baby shampoo and use it frequently. While I haven't tried too many generic versions, the ones I have used have been fine. I guess my indication of "gentleness" is what happens if a bit of it gets into the eye...."no more tears" as they say.
I've been loving QED's EO shampoo line so I've left the baby stuff behind awhile. What is DO use it for is my daily eye hygiene. This is something my lifelong optometrist recommended. He told his patients t take a drop of baby shampoo on a fingertip, work it up with a bit of water, and wash the lid margins daily. While I ridiculed this for years, I learned later that dead cells, airborne crud, and other junk tends to accumulate on the eyelids. They have a fancy term for it, "blepharitis".
Back in the days when I actually had hair on the top of my head (which grew down to my shoulders) Johnson's Baby Shampoo was THE stuff to use.

Then some guy invented apple scented shampoo and it all went down hill from there.
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