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joe2k1's shavette journey 2.0

Thanks to rockviper, who is a great guy I have decided to start documenting my shavette experiences! Thanks very much rockviper for taking away that p160 :001_smile I have started shaving again with my feather ac. This shave will be hard to forget because I removed a full beard that I have been growing/trimming since November 1. Here are my instruments of choice. I am a somewhat experienced DE shaver with 2 + years of experience.


Yes I did forget an item in the above photo. It was my tub of XXX which is almost gone :sad:

I ended up having to use my Mergress to finish my shave off. Better luck in a few days.

Here is a wound which was caused by poor skin stretching technique, I think.


I believe I have good gripes and decent technique on my cheeks, but neck area, chin, and upper lip are still very challenging.
Woohoo!!! A journal enable!!

Besides the XXX shot, you also seem to have forgotten the full face BEFORE and AFTER pics. :001_tongu

I wouldn't sweat the small scraping you've gotten. Besides being your first straight shave in a while, this is the first time that the skin is feeling a blade in over a month, so it's bound to be more sensitive. Soon enough you will find that its after getting tougher.

Just remember, with that black beauty Feather AC, you're shaving like Batman!!!
Welcome to the shave clinic group. It's a great group of guys. They have a ton of knowledge, and have helped me get by without making myself look like the mob sent someone after me with a piano wire. :lol:
Welcome. Take it slow and steady. Lots of skin stretching, puff out the cheeks etc. Keep a very shallow angle (no more than one or two spine widths) and things will continue to improve! Keep us posted.
Thanks for the warm welcome and words of encouragement. I had another attempt this morning. I left myself with a goatee intentionally and I did not have to use my mergress! That is cella in the glass jar. My first pass lather was not the best, but second round was better. I would says a DFS.

Good stuff! Are you sticking with WTG and is that a clean enough look for your work? Latherwise, you might want things a little slicker than you are used to with your DE. A liitle bit more water does wonders for glide for me.
How is the little bit of scraping from shave-1 holding up?
WTG is fine, I actually tried ATG (yes I know brave experiment) on my sideburns, no cuts or redness, I guess I was little more nervous since I can feel a little more stubble on one side versus the other. The shave 1 scraps are still healing, so this is why I went with a goatee look. hopefully by the end of the week I can remove the goat! Thanks for the lather tip!
I had another round today, I changed my blade today, the last one had 5 shaves on it. I decided to opt for a feather professional. Yes you guessed I cut myself when I trying to chin, wanted to trim that goatee. I did both cheeks, with one or two small weepers. I managed to do my neck on both sides, at this point I got myself chin! I threw in the towel and switched to my DE. Looking forward to attempt numero 3 in a few days.
I see you've got yourself a great shaver. I love the Feather AC SS. Use a light touch, with a shallow angle. Use enough water so that the lather is slick. Practice, practice, practice, and you'll be rewarded with great shaves in no time. :thumbup:
Good tips from Snikkeren above. I use the Feather DX myself occaisonally and get great shaves from it. The only thing I would add for advice is stretch the skin, pull it in the opposite direction you are doing the stroke. Also puff out your cheeks, pull your mouth to one side...things like that to keep the skin flat and avoid the blade catching in your skin. Use a very, very light touch.
hey folks, its been since last year :gulp: when I last used my feather ac. I decided on this freezing (-32c or -25f brr!) night it was a great opportunity.

I decided to do my cheeks (started at my sideburns and went down) and I cut myself (upper cheek bone, 2mm circular piece of missing flesh) of course so I threw in the towel.. used my DE.. licked my wounds and will try again another day :)
Yaaaaayyy!!!! joe2k1 lives!!!!

Gaaahhh!!! Horrible start to the shave, but good choice on switching to the DE. We have to go into the office, ya know. I'm sporting a new "feature" myself from yesterday's shave while sick and feeling loopy.

Q: Was it the tip that bit you? If so, try muting the tip on your bathroom mirror.
another stab at it literally, took out my feather ac again. I've included a picture.. and of course I always welcome any feedback..

rockviper, no it wasn't the tips that are getting me, its holding the blade right up against my face and not having the perfect angle..

it was a long day and its freezing in Toronto, so perhaps that why my cheeks posed a slight problem with some very minor weepers. I did myself in just below my chin. I will rest up and try again in a few :)

Another round today! Only two tiny weepers that sealed up nicely after the alum stick. Still find the neck area to be tricky, will stick to it.

I'm still at it folks! Had a relaxed weekend shave with my feather SS, finishing off my DE (mergress). I did strictly my cheeks with the feather, its doing a great job! Here's a pic to show my gear used!

Two straight shaves in the same week!! OMG, are you really Joe? :lol:

Congrats, Joe! Try getting used to 2-4 straight shaves a week, even if it is just your cheeks at this point. It's hard to build muscle memory if you're not using the straight. When you want to tackle you neck, shave it WTG with your DE, then relather and do a neck-only WTG with your straight. Just focus on removing the lather. You shouldn't have to worry much about getting the whiskers or catching on them, as you've already done a WTG pass with your DE to help out.
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