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Jnat stone preparation

Hello everyone,

I have been wondering what everyone else does in preparing their jnats when either new or when reflattening.

My current process is this :
  1. Pencil grid the stone
  2. Flatten the stone using my worn d8c
  3. Then go through a progression of sandpapers on a piece of marble tile or glass up to 2000 grit.

What does everyone else do?

Is there anything that I could do to help finish the stone better?

I noticed that on jns they would say to lap the stones to 6-8k. Does anyone else do that?
Atoma 1200 to flatten, validated using an actual straight-edge. Then rub extensively with a harder nagura until a nice slurry is created. That's it.
600 for me. Although I do use the 1200 atoma to raise slurry for finishing. I also use tomos. I used to go up to a bbw side of a coticule. But found for me it wasn't necessary. You have some work to do now! Lol. You have to try them all and see for yourself.
All depends on the the level of work the stone needs and how hard it is. Lot of work on a super hard stone sic powder first, still a decent amount of work on a real hard stone, W/D and not too much work on a hard or soft stone Atoma 600 (which is well worn over the years) finish with tomo.
I use a well worn Atoma 600 and smooth out the surface with an Tomo if i am only using it for finishing. It depends on how i plan to use it. If i am doing some work i like a little rougher surface. I do not like glazed stones. It also depends on how hard the stone is.
I only have one, but I just flattened it with a 400 Atoma. It is not a very hard stone, so if there were any scratches after that they were erased with a bit of use.
Thanks everyone for the input. It at least showed me that I may be doing too much prep work and could save me some time. Obviously results mean everything so I will try the less work and see if I notice any difference.
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