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JHL by Aramis

Taken from basenotes.com

Created by Estee Lauder for her husband, whose initials were JHL. (Joseph Harold Lauder).
# Top Notes
# Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Pimento,

Middle Notes
# Carnation, Cinnamon, Fir, Rose,

Base Notes
# Labdanum, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood,

I was in Nordstrom today and happened to pass the fragrance section where some guy was trying to sell me the "new, exciting Prada scent". I made my way over to the main section and saw 4 boxes of JHL by Aramis. Now I was under the assumption that this fragrance was discontinued but there I saw it on sale for $50. If anybody is interested, I will buy a bottle for them, and ship it for the price of the cologne + s&h. I don't have the resources nor the time to perform any decanting so if anybody is interested, let me know.

To give everybody an idea of what it smells like, I smelled spicy and sweet and while I didn't get a chance to smell a complete dry-down, I thought it smelled classy, even if the woman next to me didn't (while she requested CK eternity).
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