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Jerry Garcia Ties

Cool beans. I rarely wear ties, but I have one which gets quite a few compliments when I do. They are fairly inexpensive for a 'designer' tie.
Definitely not boring. And if I have to do the suit thing, it's all in. Italian suit, Ferragamo's, and one of Jerry's finest.
I think I had a couple, years ago. They're probably stuffed in a bag somewhere. I don't wear a tie to often any longer.
I have one I like quite a bit. I'm retired, so I don't wear ties unless it's a wedding or funeral. I definitely wouldn't wear one to a funeral.
Yep. Not a fan of Garcia or the Grateful Dead, but my youngest was with me when looking for a new tie a few years ago. He may have been 11 or 12. He picked out the tie and insisted I needed to have it. It's actually a great tie that usually gets worn once a week.

Edit: I think this is the right one, taken off the Internet, since I didn't wear it today.


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Except during the "deep" summer here in the deep SE I wear a tie every day to work. Jerry Garcia ties are my hands-down favorites of the 4 dozen or so ties I own.

Believe-it-or-not, I have even come across a few at the local Salvation Army Family store. They are invariably in excellent condition and for a buck a piece I just cannot resist.

I will take some photos of the ones I have and post them as soon as I get a chance.

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