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Jeans Going Out Of Style?

If you think Jeans are going out style, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.
All industries have its ups and downs. Back in the 90’s it was all about Levi’s. I had the jeans, shirts, sweaters. They almost went bankrupt by the end of the 90’s. They had to restructure and go back to focusing only on Jeans again.
The trend followers will increase and decrease sales depending on how the fashon winds blow. Average people like me will always wear jeans. We will follow the styles as far as color and cut but beyond that we will not stop wearing them because GQ doesn’t think they are in this season.
My two cents worth
I agree, heck, if black jeans couldn't kill Levi's nothing can! :laugh:
I agree, heck, if black jeans couldn't kill Levi's nothing can! :laugh:
Last couple pairs of Levi's I bought were made in boo-foo-E, stitched like crap, and were paper thin. I can def see people moving away from do to QC.

Recently picked up a pair of Pointer Brand jeans, so far so good.
Jeans are not going out of style. Style itself is going out of style though.

I like jeans for some casual wear and I going to continue wearing them.
Maybe we'll get lucky and just skinny jeans and ones worn halfway down your butt will go out of style
We can hope, but I cringe at the thought of what might replace them. Something worse always waits in the wing when it comes to bad fashion!
When I was a young adult, I could always be found in a pair of 501's. Now that I'm older, it is either a pair of Dockers casual slacks or Dickies work britches... :)
I've tried those work pants made out of modern wonder materials -- cold and clammy in the winter, hot and sweaty in the summer. I'll keep my jeans.
I don't know that I would say that jeans are going out of style, but I don't wear them at all anymore. I just don't find them comfortable.
Everything runs its course eventually. They've been around as long as I can remember, but that doesn't mean they'll always be in style.
My memory may be faulty, but my recollection of that article was that they were talking about women's fashion. I suspect that the gods of fashion might find that men's loyalty to jeans is likely to be a bit harder to shake.
I've gotten to the point where I refuse to wear uncomfortable jeans. Doubt they're going out of style, especially for men. I bought a pair of Duluth Trading ballroom jeans and they're the ticket. Room where you need it, and reinforced cuffs and pocket openings. They are a bit on the heavy side, not so great in the heat but they have good heft and quality.
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