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Jay21's Entry to the Hall of Fame

What is your real name?

What are your nicknames/aliases?

Where do you live?
USA, transplant from the north into the south

What is your age (or) generation?
Late 40s

What are you in the real world?
University Professor

What is your favorite shave setup?
Vegan soaps, bowl lathering with synthetic brushes, and open comb razors

What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Home theater and audio, reading, walking/hiking, watching football, playing mind/word games and chess, and fishing

What else should the members of B&B know about you?
I have been shaving incorrectly my whole life. It was something I didn't enjoy. It was only though joining this community and receiving the generous help of others that I finally figured it out. Now I have RAD and BAD.


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
RAD and BAD...well...many of us have figured out wet shaving...but we haven't figured out RAD and BAD. Welcome!
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