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January 19 Release


Heads-up for a standard release of about 32 brushes at noon Central, Saturday, January 19. There will not be a preview this time. Here's a link to our shop: Brushes.
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Eager for some briar, tortoise, strawberry amber, cobalt, and even butterscotch marble. Unfortunately, not very present in this drop. Hopefully these might be forthcoming in Sherlock, PK-47, Falstaff, and Lotus. Got started with my first Paladin couple weeks ago with a Chief in butterscotch. The aesthetic, feel in the hand, and feel while face lathering was an incredible upgrade from 15 years of AOS silvertip badger brushes. Thirsty for some more, can't wait. Hopefully I'm not too late to the game for these colors and shapes. Love appreciating them in member pictures in the various Paladin threads.