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James Bronnley Shaving Cream

Thursday was walking "she who must be obeyed" around Carmel and as she was doing here visiting of the various shopkeepers and getting pets and treats I spied at the Carmel Drugstore a tin of James Bronnley Shave Cream and After Shave Balm. Well I walked away feeling proud that I not succumbed to Wet Shave Acquisition Disorder....... Went looking for a new toothbrush. When I heard a British accent with glee speak with surprise that here was his favorite cream, as he grabbed two tins... Well enough I was hooked, the hairs on my face speaking to me to me that if I cared I would get some. And today I gave it a go..... I am avery happy man good stuff.
Whipped up great lather! http://www.bronnley.co.uk/Default.aspx James Bronnley Shaving Cream. A luxury shaving cream containing natural extracts of lime and chamomile. Enriched with natural Arnica & Chamomile to soothe, tone & moisturise.

Today while getting a coffee and the Village in Monterey went into a place Never on Sunday and about dropped,,,, Institute Karis soaps and Some Claus Porto a bar of Sabonette grapefruit Barbare.....

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I just started using the Bronnley in the small blue glass jar(Gentleman's Shaving Cream 150ml), after having used the older version in the larger jar. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting a lot of lather with this product, unlike the older version. It seems like it needs more cream and less water than most of the other creams that I've used. What was your experience with it?

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Funny enough, I just started using the Bronnley Classic SC a few days ago and was planning to post. I really like this SC. My quick Review follows:

Fluffy and whipped consistency (marshmallow) which is the way I like it. Face lathered with a Vie-Long Silvertip Badger and it produced a thick creamy lather, but not overly so if that is what you like. More than enough on the brush for a for a 2nd pass. Face was very well lubricated and protected with no shave burn or irritation. Face felt well moisturized after shave was completed. The citrus combination scent was very good and I like it. It is described as a blend of Seville Oranges with Bergamot, exotic spices and fresh aromatic herbs, resting on a base of rich Cedar and Mosses.

All in all, an extremely positive shaving experience. Really looking forward to my next shave as it performed well. This may earn a permanent spot in the SC rotation. My SCAD continues to develop :smile:
I bought a jar of this sometine ago in tkmax, for only £5, first use friday, love it, a wonderful lather, already a favorite after only 2 uses:thumbup1:
It has rocketed to the top of my rotation after only 2 uses as well. Great SC. Has anyone used the Bronnley "Sir James" SC?
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