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James Bronnley Original Aftershave

Anybody uses the James Bronnley Original Aftershave ?
$Original Aftershave-470410.jpg
I bought that AS from Fendrihan in Canada and received it yesterday (46% off right now, BTW - hope this doesn't sounds too much like an advertisement!?).

My first tought was : "That's what a rich gentleman smells like!" :001_cool:

Really like the smell of it. SWMBO loves it too.

I'm not very good at describing sents, but here is what is written at Fendrihan :
James Bronnley Aftershave has a refined and classic fragrance, combined with natural toning properties. Seville oranges blend with bergamot, exotic spices and fresh aromatic herbs, resting on a base of rich cedar and mosses.

I don't like the way the bottle is closed, though. You remove the cap, then remove a plastic pin. Seems complicated. And don't grab it by the cap or you might drop it !
Not a lot of people uses this as I can see...

That's what I used this morning and it is really potent. I use just a few drops and it's enough.
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