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Jamaica or Bust!

SWMBO and I will be heading to Jamaica for our second anniversary this Saturday!

Will be sure to post some pics when I get back home. The pictures from our honeymoon in Jamaica were fabulous and STILL didn't do the resort or wildlife justice.

At this time my planned shave gear haul will include:
Merkur HD w/ Feather
C&E Best Badger Brush (just need to head out and get a medicine tube from the pharmacy)
Tom's of Maine SC (I'm sure this'll be fantastic in the Caribbean heat), Aftershave Balm (probably C&E Nomad or L'Occitane CADE as I have them in small sample tubs...but probably would prefer the T&H UC or T&H Limes)
Thayer's Rose Petal WH
As for cologne...probably Acqua Di Gio and my decant of Taylor's #74 Limes

Well, hope you all have a nice week next week. Personally, can't wait to roll into the nice resorts they have. I'll try to check in as much as possible as each of the villas has its own high speed internet.


Have a great time on your Jamaican get away mon! We'll all be expecting something exotic in our next COWSBC gift bags!!:yesnod:
Sounds like a great time. Just remember, when walking the beach with your wife, keep your eyes on her.:biggrin:
I am hoping to pick up some of the citrus shampoo and limes soap I got on our honeymoon. The shampoo has a nice scent. The soap does too, but it is mostly aromatic and doesn't leave the skin scented. The products are made by the same company, Blue Mountain I think.

On top of the coffee (I will try, but I'm not generally a coffee fan), what I am really excited for is the fresh fruit (mangos, papaya, breadfruit, plantain, etc) and the jerk chicken and pork. Love that stuff!
I know this is heresy, but to echo Kyle--don't worry too much about your shaves and keep your eyes on your wife as much as possible!

And have a cup o' joe and a mango for me! And some seafood, mon!
Oh, my wife and I are going to have a wonderful time. This will likely be our last "good" vacation until I finish my anesthesia residency in three years. Believe me I'll have all eyes where they need to be. I have been working on a special dinner for the night of the 19th (our anniversary). I'm sure it'll score me a monster amount of points:thumbup: . The listing of the shave gear haul was in regards to the theme of these boards, and any posting next week will occur on down time if available. Only 36 more hours and the plane will be in the air!
Congrats on the clandestine dinner plans! Always smart to salt away the points, no matter how you get 'em!

Have a great time and enjoy!
I will try this again as my previous post seemed to end up somewhere in internet Neverland when I tried to post this morning.

First, the trip here was very stressful as our flight from OKC to Dallas was delayed and hour causing us to miss our direct flight to Jamaica by about ten minutes. Stress was doubled when we were initially told we wouldn't be able to fly in until the next day (Sunday), but we then found out we could re-route through Miami and arrive in Jamaica around 7:20 (instead of 2:45). Stress tripled when the flight to Miami was overbooked and we only ended up getting a seat by the grace of God (and a very nice terminal clerk). Once in Jamaica, four hours too late, we thought we had lost half of our luggage until the second and last peice made its way onto the carousel 30 minutes after the first piece. Whew, home free.

Since arriving at the resort, we have been in heaven! Yesterday was spent soaking up the sun and lounging in the sea. Today has brought much of the same, and the next few days will bring a reef snorkling "expedition" and horseback riding in and along the ocean plus up some of the mountains.

The food has been great. We love the fresh mangos, papaya, breadfruit, pineapple, etc. Mustn't forget the Caribbean jerk either! For Ron, the Blue Mountain coffee is pretty good. As you know, I am not a coffee fan but some coconut cream, milk and sugar does it really good!

Today is our anniversary and we are supposed to have an extra-special dinner, out on the beach possibly. This should be nice and I am looking forward to it.

Well, hope all is well in the States and everywhere else. Have a great day!


P.S. The Tom's of Maine plus thayer's Rose WH made for a fantastic shave yest. morning.
Well, the beach/seaside dinner was rained out but we made due with champagne and coconut shrimp appetizers followed by a nice vegetable soup and then grilled lobster tails with fresh vegetables as the main course. Simply divine. They also spread flowers throughout the house and bed to help "set the mood." 'Nuff said.

Word to the Wise: Do NOT forget your Off! bug spray. I am one of those who is a mosquito magnet, pre-destined to die of west nile virus once I get older and naturally more immuno-compromised. Seriously, if you are like me then bring it along b/c they can get fierce. They really seem to get me on the legs at night when we are eating dinner. Papa Mosquito probably rounds up all the kids and brings them on vacation here to camp out under the table and feast on the legs of all the resort guests.

Today brings the reef snorkling and tomorrow the horses. SWMBO is dying to head into Negril and check out the duty-free shopping...especially since she heard it is "higher end" shopping with Gucci, etc. Sheesh, I am going to be extra broke:biggrin:

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