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Jaguar Gillette

Over on the buy/sell/trafe sections of the forum, there is a thread about a Jaguar edition Gillette razor, started by SSLStudio. There were many who were sceptical about the authenticity of this razor, but I went ahead and bid on it and have now won the auction. Personally, I am not bothered about whether or not this is a 'genuine' Jaguar Gillette, I just wanted an unused Gillette DE. There were those that intimated that the model in question was a Gillette Tech; I am afraid I do not know anything about vintage DE's and would appreciate it if someone could tell me more about this particular model. I am particularly interested in how it shaves, and I would like to know how this razor is ranked amongst the various models of Gillette razors.
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Nice box ..., but the rest is bad news IMO.

I don't think it is original because it is a cheap razor in a nice box promoting a quality brand ..., that Tech is an English razor from the 50's & 60's - it often appears in male grooming kits. It has an aluminium handle - really light & tacky..., horrible.

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