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Jagger Sandalwood Cream Mini Review with Balm Bonus

The English shaving co sent me a sample of this cream so I thought I'd give it a try.

I shower shave, so scent strength and quality will differ to my nose than to yours...the steam of the shower does tend to lighten scents and this cream was no exception. The aroma of sandalwood was very faint, noticeable to me, but faint. Not unpleasant, not a wow like my favorite creams. SWMBO liked it though.

The cream was in a little jar (which was a ***** to open in the shower), when I finally wrenched it open the colour was that creamy pearlescent colour like gramma's face cream...sort of disconcerting.

Lather wise, using my usual technique, the lather came out too thick and dry, so I had to add water. It did moisten up, yet was still very thick and that was nice. It wasnt very slick though so I had to work harder than I usually do to acheive a two pass BBS with touch ups. I had more than enough lather for this.

Overall a decent cream, although not in the class, to me, of Floris or Penhaligons or T&H or even Trumpers violet or Speick. I wont be adding it to my rotation.

Finished off with a sample of the Jagger Sandalwood balm. Nice scent (SWMBO loved it) but it would overpower my cologne, unless I do a sandalwood cologne such as MPG or Floris Santal. Beyond that, it was overly greasy and cheap feeling...sort of felt like a lower quality AOS balm. Wont buy the balm either.
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+1 on everything you said about the cream nice thick lather, good smell (though I've smelled nicer sandalwoods) just not enough slide to go with the cushioning.

As for the balm, I didn't find it overly greasy, but I think it may be one to watch out for if you have sensitive skin. I felt a burning tingle in my cheeks for a while after using it, and then there was a little tightness that gave way to calm skin. I've tried cheaper balms from the super market which did a better job.
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