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Jacob's Ghost and Devils Cut

So for Christmas, a family friend bought over a Jim Beam gift pack. It was a 750ml bottle of the standard white, with airplane bottles of Jacob's Ghost, Black, and Devil's Cut. I admit that I mistook the Jacob's Ghost for an un-aged whiskey, and decided to do a taste of it against the Devil's Cut.

The findings were that I liked the Jacob's Ghost better. It was a small sampling, as I shared the bottles with a brother-in-law, but it just came across smoother than the Devil's Cut.

I've since learned that Jacob's Ghost is actually a special whiskey, aged for 1 year in white oak barrels. Not a bourbon, but not shine or un-aged either. Something to check out next time anyone has a tasting. :)
I also received an airline bottle of Jacobs Ghost for Christmas. I was expecting it to be gutrot shine, but my oh my was I impressed! I've gone through a 750 of Devil's Cut this last year, and I like it (although Wild Turkey will always be my favorite, especially if I can find the Rare Breed). I've yet to see Jacobs Ghost where I live, but then again I haven't checked any liquor stores since Christmas.
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