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Jack Purcells by Converse. What a shame.

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Two of them? Not at $95 a pop, I’m not.
I was trying to come up with something era appropriate. They seemed mighty expensive back then, too!

rather from Ash & Erie who make jeans for the vertically-challenged
I had never heard of Ash & Erie. Being rather vertically-challenged myself, sounds like a clothier I should know about. Funny, I have "known" you for a long time through this site. FWIW, in my mind's eye you are tall! Who knows? Maybe in my mind's eye, I am tall!
Funny you would post this. I've been looking for a pair of JP's in the Chicago area and I cannot find a place that sells them except Nordstroms. I was looking at the CVO LP model but they are $75.00,

Been reading some reviews online and others have echoed what you have been saying. That the quality has gone down, so I'm not sure I want to part with my money if the quality is subpar.
If you have not noticed, the quality on just about everything has gone down, and prices still go up.


Moderator Emeritus
Good luck actually being able to order some ... these are constantly in short supply. Ha!

Drives me crazy. Honestly, the sizing (inseam) runs a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I order two of the same size to get one that fits just right. I have 3 pairs and I am quite pleased with them.

Their shirts... not so much.


Moderator Emeritus
From January of 2021 with white laces. 28435D94-4DF5-421B-A6AD-06E8858252F7.jpeg

Today, I changed out the laces for the off-white laces. I think I like them better as it tones the sneaker down a bit.


The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Stiil going, eh? The cotton uppers are nice Nice and white. How so you do that?

Mine Jack Purcells seemed to get too small, so I think I donated them!
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