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Jabonman Delivered


This box arrived today from Spain. Three tins of Jabonman

Wet Earth
Ylang Ylang

and three samples to go with.

Its going to be a good week.

How does the Jabonman products perform? I have noticed seeing these in the SOTD threads but have never seen a review. Are they better than Mike's Natural Soaps? Price-wise? What vendor?

JabonMan soaps are very good IMO. They give nice and rich lather in no time. Scents are very good too. I've had minor problems with stinging sensation when I used Marsella soap, but the scent was too good and the problem was negligible. Tierra Húmeda is fantastic in every way possible. I don't know how do they compare to Mike's Natural Soaps, I've never tried one.
Great soaps with the best scents going. Non-tallow, I think, so the feel is different than Mike's. Both brands are among my favorites.
I just took delivery of a few samples (thanks Amir) and got a chance to sniff them all yesterday and will put them to use shortly.

my initial impression was the scents are all a little different and much more complex them Mikes and MW and other artisans i've tried. too complext for me and the vetiver and earth scents were too early and not pleasant to my nose.

the lime scents and the cinnamon on the other hand, were very pleasant and one's i would consider purchasing full tubs of, if the performance is up to what others are saying.
Wet earth doesn't sound like a very appealing scent. I keep thinking of the stink that wet soil has.
I have seven tins of Jabonman. Amazing soaps. As mentioned previously, Manuel's soaps lather easily. I'll also add. . .doesn't take much product to produce lather and the lather is very slick and provides outstanding cushion. After shaving, my skin feels fantastic.

Wet Earth smells nothing like wet earth. I'm still trying to pin the fragrance(s) down.

Comparisons are subjective. With that said. . . .Mikes is one of the best soaps around. IMO, Mikes is a better soap than MW (and MW soaps are superb). I'd rank Jabonman over Mikes. I have all three in my den and enjoy all three, along with quite a few "heavy hitter soaps."
The yang yang scent is complex. I smell subtle patchouli, some orange and some other elements that I'm not yet able to define. I think there's a bit of Vetiver in it.

Its a scent that keeps drawing me back. I don't think it'll take a top spot, but it's too soon to decide.
I have Jabonman Lavender-Cypress-Bergamot and Mike's Hungarian Lavender. Both are as nice a shaving soap that I have ever used (the French shea butter soaps are my faves). Lavender is my favorite shave soap scent. The list of ingredients on the bottom of the tin for both soaps is really impressive and that alone makes them worth considering.

Mike's has a stronger scent, but the Jabonman is my favorite lavender scent. It is just right in intensity and complexity. The Jabonman lathers a little easier, but they are very similar in the look and quality of the lather - which is as good as can be achieved (at least for me). After the shipping cost, Mike's is a little less than 1/2 the cost of Jabonman, so if you're a little more cautious, I would recommend starting with Mike's. That being said, Jabonman is worth every penny. Either would be a great stocking stuffer.
Since we are comparing this to Mikes, and I've only tried mikes out of the two, I have a question. I think Mikes is a good soap, but being honest it takes me more work to lather well than I'm interested in doing most times. I get amazing lathers with ease from my favorite, MdC, and others like Razorock, but Mikes makes me work for it.

Long story short and the question, is this Jabonman similar in lathering effort required to Mikes? Or, if I'm iffy on Mikes will I be iffy on Jabonman?
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