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Ja hellberg restoration.

I did some cleanup of this razor when I noticed a gap at the toe of the spine.
Are all of these kind of razors designed like this? Or has that part of the spine rusted away and left a gap? Seems like a real problem area for moisture to get trapped in.
I don't own any frame backs so can't say if its normal.
The reason I don't own them is for the very reason you are inquiring. They are moisture traps.
Unless you can blow it out with a compressor every shave - it will rust underneath.
I have the means to do so but not the will:)
Atleast I got some pretty nice bone scales with it. I got a heljestrand that would make a nice fit.
Thank you for your answer, I guess it's just the display cabinet for this one and I'll avoid buying any other frame backs :001_rolle
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