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J4 Slim - awesome 1st shave......

I just aquired a J4 Slim and used it for the first time this morning. Had a wonderful smooth shave using a Derby Premium blade. No tugging, nicks or irritation. It has a nice weight and feel to it - very happy addition to the stable. IMG_20190309_103023187.jpg

Welcome to the ranks! You are going to love your Slim.

The Slim might be the best razor ever designed and sold. (OK, maybe a bit over the top:a29:)
But I've been using mine for over 40 years and have not found another DE that is better. Some get close, but I will go to Valhalla with my Slim in my hand.
Nice I just got a slim last month. I've been playing with its settings it's a nice shave for sure. I'm a six one the face three on the neck then one notch down for a t follow up pass
It`s good to hear that you are enjoying your slim.

I tried mine and I wasn't so impressed but after one year I got back to it and for last month I use it exclusively. Set on 9 it's just going nice and smooth, both head and face shaving.

Enjoy and happy shaving.