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Has any one ever tried there shampoos? I bought there tea tree and while ive only used it once, that one time sucked. I figured being organic and all it would be super gentle on my hair but it felt quite stripped. Im inclined to take it back quite honestly.
natural doesn't always mean gentle. there are plenty of natural oils that can be harsh. The JASON product I'm looking to try is their talc-free body powder. I think it comes in two varieties, and is sold at least at Whole Foods.

I have several of the Avalon Organic Shampoo and Conditioners. If I were only using the shampoo, forget it. With the conditioner, it's a total package. I picked all of mine up at TJ Maxx, about half of retail.

Yeah I saw those as well but sadly only in lavander and im not much of a lavander fan.........please no one spam me or send hate mail for that one.
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