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J. A. Henckels Zwillingswerk / twinwork silver plated 2 piece Safety Razor

Hefty and rarely seen silver plated J. A. Henckels Zwillingswerk / twinwork Safety Razor.
Made by the same company famous for their straights, this razor is a great shaver and a great looking razor. This is a two piece razor and very heavy with 77gr.
This is a predecessor to a famous Merkur 34c. It has the identifiable twins logo on the case as well on the handle.
I've seen this razor only two times on forum so far.
The crack on the handle has been fixed with an epoxy resin and has been stable ever since. There is a small scratch on the top cap, other then that plating is in good condition.
Razor will be sterilized and shipped shave ready!
IMG_1386.JPG 20170507_171249.jpg IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1378.JPG IMG_1379.JPG IMG_1380.JPG IMG_1381.JPG IMG_1382.JPG IMG_1383.JPG IMG_1394.JPG
Price - 150$ (WORLDWIDE shipping included)
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