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I've Simplified My Shave Routine (And It's Great!)

For over a year all I ever used was my 1951 Gillette Tech razor w/Shaverboy blades, a can of Barbasol foam for a one pass shave and Aqua Velva Musk aftershave.

Now I am using more of my razors and Proraso green soap, witch hazel, aftershave and generally make a 2-pass shave which leaves me with a DFS most times. If I am in a hurry, I will use the Shick Injector and Proraso shave foam in a can instead of the whole soap and brush routine. Do whatever works for you and enjoy your shaves! :thumbsup:
I cannot get away with a one pass shave. I find partially cut stubble to be as irritating to my neck as razor burn. I need three passes.
North to South, whole face.
45° upward angle back to front, whole face.
45° downward angle back to front, jaw line and neck only.
No cleanup. I find 2 diagonal across the (neck) grain passes are pretty good. No ATG except around the underside of chin and it does not care.
Not BBS but no irregular ragged snagging hairs catching everything thing and too short to flex.
I need uniform clean cut stubble or a smooth enough shave.
If I want to go faster I have to skip shaving.
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