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I've got the world's best wife!!

I've posted previously how great SWMBO is.

However, she recently surpassed herself. She had asked how I was getting on with my first steps into straights. I was explaining some of the issues, particularly the sides of my neck and switching hands. At this she made the comment "isn't it easier if someone else does it?". I said that "yes, a barber would give me a better, closer shave, but I'm enjoying learning myself".

At this, her response was "How about if I learn to use a straight? Would that help if I do the bits you can't get?" :001_wub:/:scared:
sounds fantastic as long as it was 6months from the slightest argument. I would not want swmbo with something that sharp close to my neck in a bad mood.
Check the mail to make sure no new life insurance policies have recently been taken out on you.....

hahahaha. Yeah. I am sure they shaves would be spectacular, and SWMBO could enjoy them afterwords any way she pleases. But extra life insurance, or erm once a month are definite signs to avoid giving sharp objects to her.
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