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I’ve Been Per-SUEDE-ed.

Suede. It’s cool. It’s sophisticated and it’s starting to fill up my closet. 😳

Suede has always had a certain mystique surrounding it. Suede makes the wearer feel a certain kind of way. It’s style has that certain something.

I think the first time I took notice of suede was the Beatles’ donning their suede jackets on the 1965 album cover for Rubber Soul.

And not only did “The King” sing about keeping off his Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis obviously knew all too well the difficulty with cleaning suede) but he also knew that if you wanna land a sex kitten, you do it wearing black suede Chelsea boots.

Now I’m never going to start a cultural (you say you wanna) revolution like the Beatles did. Nor am I ever gonna land Ann-Margret like Elvis did (and if Mrs. Gold is reading this, you’re the only fiery red-head this ‘ol guy is ever gonna need or want). She’s still adorable. 😉

But what I can have is that unmistakable feeling when you put on a pair of suede shoes. That cool, sophisticated and, at times, decadent, feeling of….suede. 😎

Over the last few months, after delving into desert/chukka boots and Wallabee/Tyrolean-type shoes, my closet has seen a recent influx of suede.

Prior to obtaining these recent acquisitions, I only had two pair of suede shoes and they are both from Allen-Edmonds (and still the only A-E shoes I’ve ever owned). The lasts of their dressier, business-type shoes just never felt right on my feet.

The first pair is the now discontinued “Orlean” which was their version of the dirty buck.
Now you may think that the dirty (or white) buck is more Pat Boone than Elvis Presley but they both wore them.

The second pair is the also-discontinued “Cole” Loafer from Allen-Edmonds which is done in a decadent chocolate suede. I like to wear them with a pair of white (or cream) colored tube sock and a pair of chinos.
That look, for me, was inspired by Dino, although I think he was more inclined to wear leather penny loafers and preferred suede Chelsea boots or velvet slippers.

Nevertheless, a great, Ivy-inspired look from the “King of Cool”.
Next we move to the suede desert boot. Although there are many options that must begin with Clark’s CDB as the most recognizable desert boot, I opted for the “Greenflex” by Astorflex.
There’s just something about suede desert boots that gives me an easy, carefree feeling. It’s an intangible that I think is just tied to the lore that surrounds this classic chukka.

And McQueen looks pretty carefree and easy wearing his desert boots cruising around on his Triumph Bonneville. 😀

This ends Part I.

Feel free to enter your own suede faves and tell us perhaps what inspired you to acquire them.
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Part II starts off with the Alden Snuff suede chukka that was not inspired by anything other than Alden’s own reputation. After acquiring several pair of shell Cordovan shoes over the years, I’ve always had my eye on this this suede chukka and it became a must-have.

Apparently, it was a must-have for Mr. (Bend It Like) Beckham. Well… Isn’t he posh sporting his Alden snuffs? 😏

The inspiration for this next acquisition came straight from Steve McQueen in the 1968 classic movie… Bullitt.
This boot, known as the playboy chukka, he not only wore in several of his films but by all accounts, it was a fave of his off-screen too.

Although the playboy-styled chukka worn by McQueen was made by Hutton, the shoe I obtained, the “Luther”, is made by Sanders of England and it ticked all the boxes.

Another suede acquisition was the Wallabee-inspired “Barbee” made by Velasca.
As a young teen, I wore Wallabees for many years. I was set on getting this style of shoe but the Wallabee, although thoroughly engrained in my mind when thinking about this style of shoe, just didn’t do it for me anymore.

I hope Drake doesn’t take it too personal. 😀
I guess not. 🤨

Well that’s all… no hold on. Just suede a minute. There is one more.

I did order another pair of suede shoes. Since most of these are chukkas, I wanted a casual suede oxford as well. For months now, I had been looking at the “Cityflex” from Astorflex but they were sold out everywhere. Like the 6 months I waited for the “Barbee” to return to the marketplace, it appears that the “Cityflex” has returned now too.

I didn’t want to miss the chance to get a pair before they run out again so I ordered a pair in the Whiskey colorway.


There is also a very good review of these shoes on YouTube. I think he says that he likes them very much. 😀

I hope I do too. :thumbup1:

When I get ‘em. You’ll see ‘em. :yesnod:
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I like suede, but it doesn't always suit my lifestyle.

In the past, suede has predominantly been in two shoe styles for me. Cuban heeled beetle boot once, and several pairs of cupsole trainers. For me they each went through three stages. There was the immaculate stage, where they looked well kempt, the intermediate stage when they got their first noticeable stain on one shoe, that makes me very self conscious, and then the lived in look where both shoes bear a history of everything you've done together. It's like journalling with shoes :biggrin1:

Those heeled boots are no good for me anymore, not the wisest choice with a balance disorder, but a couple of times this year, I nearly bought a pair of suede Chelsea boots. I also tend to wear deck shoes more often than cupsole trainers these days, but in leather and canvas, rather than suede.

My health, and English weather, mean that suede shoes can progress quickly through those three stages. That in itself is no real hassle for me though, as at the shopping stage, I tend to make a mental picture of what the shoes will look like wrecked. Boots and trainers wear damage better than smarter Derbies, in my opinion. So while Derbies look great in suede, I probably wouldn't buy a pair.

The only suede I have at the moment, is the accent colour on these two tone brogues. I'm less likely to cause too much damage on these occasional shoes.


I probably will end up with another slip on suede boot at some point, but haven't seen anything that grabbed my attention lately, and had the right price tag.
Completely agree on the virtues of suede! I currently have six pairs and wear most of them pretty regularly. They look good, feel good and are fairly low maintenance.

Loakes full brogues in snuff - a very comfortable shoe for fall. I switched to bow tie lacing a couple of years ago but will probably go back to a matching lace with a more traditional lacing this season.

Allen Edmonds Sea Island. I have these in sand and midnight blue. Excellent sockless shoes that I wear frequently in the warmer weather and sometimes as indoor shoes in winter when boots are needed outside.


A lousy picture of the blue ones. These are great for office wear - no one will mess with you in a meeting - not even on zoom.

Churchill (a side brand of Church's that was around for a few years but long gone). Classic red crepe rubber sole. These get occasional wear in the summer.

Screenshot_2021-09-06 Footwear of the Day.jpg

Sanders Luther - got these early this year after some back and forth on sizing. Once dialed in an excellent cooler weather shoe. Polo snuff suede is described as a shade between snuff and chocolate. A very nice deep brown.


Josef Siebel K-wide perforated suede. I hardly ever wear these, in fact they have been on the bubble for a while now when I clean out. However, I am always amazed that a shoe can be so comfortable when I do wear them. Like Tabac soap - they stay around and when I use them they deliver but they never make favorite status even for a day.

Possible wish list is some brown deer suede Derbys from Crown. I'll see how the Harlestones fit. If they seem good then I'l consider ordering a pair of the toffee-soled desert shoes but made up in the deer instead of kudu.
Great collection of suede right there. 👍 @blantyre.

As for maintenance, as long as the back end of a cheese steak sandwich doesn’t drip on them, then the only maintenance is a suede brush now and then to raise or even out the nap.

I did consider a desert shoe from Crown as I was looking for a suede Oxford with a crepe sole just for a knock-around Fall/Spring shoe. So I decided to go with the Cityflex (to go along with the Barbee) to serve that purpose.

I still do have my 👀 on the Crown chromexcel desert boot in either the brown or natural colorway. Still deciding.


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As for maintenance, as long as the back end of a cheese steak sandwich doesn’t drip on them, then the only maintenance is a suede brush now and then to raise or even out the nap.

Yup. Bacon butties or fried eggs are typically the first step away from immaculate shoes for me. I only ever seem to get a grease splat on an absorbent shoe, and only get a ketchup/brown sauce splat on a light coloured shoe. Chilli seems to know when I'm wearing light coloured shoes too.
The Cityflex from EndClothing arrived today and I am quite pleased with this purchase. Fortunately, the fit is very good (UK 10) so I’m happy not to have to go through the exchange process.

The construction of the shoe appears to be done meticulously. The stitching is even (no loose stitches) and there were no blemishes on the suede so good QC there.

The shoes come with two sets of laces. I opted for the flat laces (for now) as they give an even more casual look than the round laces, IMO.

The shoe is comfortable right from start and I imagine once the crepe sole breaks in a bit, it will only be even more so.

I have been wearing these shoes out and about for the last several hours and they are indeed quite comfortable.

As for the Whiskey color, it was exactly what I was hoping for. I wrestled with both the dark khaki and the whiskey color (always wary of colors on a computer monitor but opted for the whiskey and it is perfect.

Although the Cityflex somewhat mirrors my pair of AE dirty bucks, the crepe sole of the Cityflex, as opposed to the brick red sole of the AE buck, gives the Cityflex more versatility, IMO, whereas you gotta be in the right mood for the dirty bucks.

Overall, I am very pleased with this acquisition. Astorflex has proven to me that they are a solid company providing well-crafted shoes at reasonable prices. Good on them.

This is also my 2nd transaction through EndClothing and I give them high marks for their promptness and communication throughout the transaction.

Here is the Cityflex shoe by Astorflex:

First… the packaging.



A little poofier than I prefer
Well, I'm per-sueded! I love suede, especially for shoes/boots. Cheap suede > cheap leather all day long. Suede is more versatile at bridging the casual to formal spectrum too. Suede doesn't scuff. You don't have to shine it (which was a big plus when the Army moved from black leather to tan suede combat boots!). Looks good new. Looks good worn in. Looks good waxed or dabbed. It just looks good. Plus, suede is an accepted exception to the "rule" to match your leathers. If a fella is looking for one pair of shoes to up his footwear game beyond sneakers, he could do a lot worse than a pair of dark brown or gray suede chukkas or derbies and look great in everything from t-shirt & jeans to a suit.

About that Beatles cover...obviously one of the most iconic album covers of all time. If you don't know the story behind it, permit me to recant it briefly. As the photographer was projecting the prints to the boys after the photo shoot, the screen accidently fell backwards slightly, distorting the picture. To which, the boys jumped up and exclaimed, "That's it! Do it like that!" And of course the stretched image perfectly conveys the album title - Rubber Soul, a lovely pun and subtle dig at their erstwhile friends and rivals, The Rolling Stones. It must have been quite jarring at the time when that album was released going from Help! - released earlier the same year, where they're still in straight-laced matching outfits ala the Ed Sullivan Show - to the those suede-clad rebels staring out from the psychedelically warped photo. No band name on the album; you don't need it. The Beatles have transcended mere pop sensation into legend.
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