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Its finally done!

As some you have seen that my son gratuated from Army basic and AIT. I wanted to get him a graduation gift. The brush you have seen before when Peter finished it. I had a pair of Slims and sent them to Dave at Restored Razors. I wanted him to do an opposite black and silver chrome. I think they turned out great. Next is a unique Dotty bowl. He can either get into this great hobby or pass it on to his children.

Slims before

Slims after

Dotty bowl

The Graduation Gift
Those look really good. You successfully got your son to follow you into the military...I'm sure you can get him to shave with an old razor now!!
I hope so. Its a hobby that i feel he can do anywhere. Even deployed, sometimes its the simple things you do at home you miss the most.
Thank you and your son for serving, we salute you!
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