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I've been looking to try some different razors other than my Vision and I read some reviews over here at B&B about how good the Gillette Fusion Power was so I went off and bought one. I took out to shave with it and to compare it to my Vision. Prep, and everything else was exactly the same, except I only needed one N-S pass to reduce my beard sufficently instead of my normal two. I probably could have cut out by diagnol N-S as well since I got so close from just the first pass.

The GOOD - I got a great comfortable shave, on par with some of my best DE shaves. I got really close, just as close as a DE with less work though. Almost no irritation too. It gives you a quick good shave.

The BAD - The single blade on the back is difficult to use to figure out the angle it is cutting at. This is the only thing that caused noticable irritation during. I also feel a bit more irritation under my chin than normal where I didn't use the single blade. As far as razor bumps go, I'll have to wait and see as they usually take a couple of hours to show up fully. Finally, I got one little knick that seemed to bleed a lot more than the nicks I occasionally get from the DE.

FINAL IMPRESSION - Definitely a good comfortable shaver. Great for when you're in a rush. I can seriously cut 1-2 passes out with this thing easy. Now, I won't use this daily but it is defintely something I'll throw into my rotation. I'm curious to see if I'll get any irritation next time especially if I don't use the single blade.
I'm with ya, Steve. I still use mine occasionally (usually, when in a rush).

I've been shaving almost exclusively with my slantbar/Feather combo - but the Fusion does a darned fine job when I choose to give it a go.

I totally agree about the all but useless blade on the back, though. I absolutely can NOT tell what angle the thing cuts at! :mad3:
Hi Steve,
Never bought one, not interested in buying one, but for your sake.. Isn't the single blade on the back for such tasks as trimming the bottom of sideburns? orimmediately under the nose? I did not think it was designed or suited to general shaivng tasks..:nono:
I used the single blade for just under my nose and the corners of my mouth. I totally messed up the angle and scraped more than cut.

All in all about 14 hours after shaving I'm definitely stubbling up more. It also wasn't as fun to shave with the Fusion. I think I'll probably reserve it for just the occasional change up from time to time and for times when I need a quicker shave.

It definitely does a pretty good job for when you're in a hurry, but I don't plan on making a habit of it.
My quick take on the Fusion (Power):

- Quicker than a DE, but only marginally.
- Excellent shave.
- If used a few consecutive days, irritation sets in.
- Uncomfortable shave due to tugging. Feels more like scraping than cutting.
For me the Fusion Power is way quicker. Each pass is about a minute or so quicker, and this adds up. But most importantly I can skip 1-2 passes completely, which makes shaving a whole lot faster.
I'm in agreement with you on the Power Fusion, love it. I have almost completely given up DE shaving. When I was first got into wet shaving I tried everything out there. Long story short, for me it has been more about the preparation, the types of creams, water to cream ratio and proper moisterization after a shave. As much as I've spent on razors, creams, soaps etc. the cost of replacement blades has not an issue. After all I'm looking for the best, most comfortable shave I can get regardless of the cost.

Let me add. Its not that one can't get a close comfortable shave with a DE, but for me the Fusion has been more consistent.

I Used the Fusion Power before I started DE shaving after a 20 year haitus. IMHO the Fusion is only a very slight improvement over the Mach 3 and it has nothing to do with the extra blades. I just sold 3 4pks of Fusion cartridges that I bought off Ebay to a guy on my headhave site who swears by the Fusion.
I haven't used a cartridge razor since I discovered Feather, Israeli and Derby DE blades.
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