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It's a bit wordy, but...

WOW! :scared:

So to paraphrase:
  • Use Brush To Build Lather From Shaving Soap
  • Apply Lather To Face
  • Remove Said Lather With Razor
  • Apply Post Shaving Products
  • Filler
:Yawn: I need a nap.


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Austin said:
I'm sorry but I could only read about 11 pages before boredom set in.

Hang in there, Austin. I'm sure he gets around to actual shaving by around page forty, or so. :001_tt2:


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
guenron said:
I am sure that what it lacks in brevity, it makes up for in inaccuracy and perhaps self-promotion!

Brilliant response, Ron.:thumbup1:

Eschew obfuscation, I always say.
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