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IT"S HERE!!!! B&B BL 2012 LE Pipe**Closed***


Moderator Emeritus
I listed the chamber dimensions in the OP as opposed to group size as there really is a fair mount of play in Dunhill sizing and measurements are more precise. My best recommendation is to take a quick measure of some of your favorite pipes and compare. The overall size of the pipe compares favorably with many group 3 pipes.
The bowl/shank is briar.
The stem is lucite, with a briar inlay. It's a wide inlay, so it actually looks like there's a lucite inlay in the shank (the part that extends out from the bowl and holds the stem/bit.)
Thanks for the clarification.
I wonder how many have sent payment...

I'm waiting on my next check. You guys are killing me posting this up right before Valentine's Day.


Moderator Emeritus
I just noticed Jim posted an advertisement for the LE pipe at the top of every forum. I don't mind sharing, but I'd like to believe I'm a little special.
I should have said exclusively to the B&B. Any B&B member that would like to come is always welcome in the BL. And all are welcome to register as members to the B&B, and why not we get some great stuff you're not going to find anywhere else.

Ah Sal, we all think you're a little "special":001_smile.:wink2:
Yes Jim, we are all brothers. Like I said, I don't mind sharing, but when James said its all ours, I thought "Wow, just for us? That's cool!"
The cool level is still high, I just had a naive moment. I'm still happy!

...and evidentally special. lol.
If I had a reliable source of tobacco I'd be sorely tempted, but no local tobacconist will get anything to my taste and every time I get some sent over it's whatever the shop-owner needs to get rid of ("Oh yeah, McBaren's Vanilla Flake is just like 1792, honest") I've all but stopped smoking a pipe these days, which REALLY annoys me.
But I have no doubt this will be a fine piece and I'm surprised at how low the price is. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a loss-leader from the shrewd Mr T.....or if it resulted in future sales from satisfied members.
I just noticed Jim posted an advertisement for the LE pipe at the top of every forum. I don't mind sharing, but I'd like to believe I'm a little special.
I'm just here for the, you know, shaving stuff and maybe a little tea now and then. I don't even smoke and I'm thinking of buying the darn thing. Curse you people for fanning the flames of ADs everywhere!:cursing:
I just put my pipes away a couple of months ago -- my company's health plan added a $125 a month premium for smokers this year -- but I have to say the Tinsky LE is such a great-looking pipe that I'm already regretting my decision. Sigh.
Beautiful Pipe!!! I'd love to get in on this but..... alas funds are low now, maybe it motivated me to get my taxes filed quicker.....:blush:
Well gentlemen, this pipe is available in unlimited amounts. It is the first LE B&B Pipe ever. It is a handmade masterpiece. It is available to us at a discounted price. It is a great heirloom piece. Need I really say more?
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