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It just keeps getting better!

Hello! I just joined this forum tonight after having lurked about for a while, and I must say, it just keeps getting better! Not only is this a site with so much information that it seemingly exists for the sole purpose of guiding me along my wet-shave-and-don't-mangle-your-face journey (so far bloodless :001_unsur), but it comes with a dedicated board for "the finer things!" I'm the only twenty-year-old I know that smokes a pipe, drinks scotch, writes with a fountain pen and, most recently, shaves with a straight razor, so, as I'm sure you may appreciate, I have a shortage of people to talk with about these pleasurable pursuits (obsessions?) of mine. I look forward to becoming an active member in this community, and thanks to all for already providing me with so much to read and absorb!



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Welcome to the collective Justin!

And to think, you won't waste all those years of suffering with 'passable' shaves and your collection (in time) could outgrow Obi-Ron's!

but do you shine your own shoes ???? :confused1

mark the shoe shine boy
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Justin- Welcome aboard- you may be young in years but you fit in in heart-

Start you _AD and in time we will be looking at your collection to envy- sooo much time, sooo little money... or in my case- sooo little time and no money:a52:
Thanks for the welcome! I feel at home already. I suppose it remains to be seen how much of a sense of humour my wallet has... :001_unsur
Good to meet you Justin! I am 19 years old and have been wetshaving for 3 years this december......you are right there are not many young people like us. Good to see I have a young compadre!

I would discourage the young people under the age of 30 from taking up wet shaving. You really can not appreciate the luxury of a good lathered shave until you have spent at least 15 years hacking at your face with an overpriced multi-bladed hoe.

Just kidding! :biggrin1: Welcome Jason, good to have you. Nice to know that there are others who enjoy the gentleman's pursuits.


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Justin, Welcome to B&B, I'm 26 and I'm the only 26 year old who shares your hobbies. Good to have you aboard. :thumbup1:


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Welcome aboard, Justin! One more western Canadian (and I think the first from Sask??) And shaving with a straight, too? Great!
...I'm the only twenty-year-old I know that smokes a pipe, drinks scotch, writes with a fountain pen and, most recently, shaves with a straight razor...
I just thought I would come out of lurking to say that I'm 26, and I smoke a pipe (although I've mostly stopped), LOVE scotch, have a small collection of fine writing utensils, and just started shaving with a DE this week (maybe I'll pick up a straight sometime down the road). You're not the only "strange" younger chap around these parts!

Oh, and Mark, I shine my own shoes too. :001_tongu

Anyway, nice to meet you fellas.
Justin, you are light years ahead of your Peer's.....This will all pay off for you big time...My only suggestion is that you start smoking fine Cigar's & imbibing very very fine Wine & Lagers...

The hot chix will follow !!!!! If they haven't already.

As a gentleman you must always offer to "whip up a batch of Badger Butter" in Rose, Avocado, Lavender etc for use on their lovely Gams. The young lovelies who take you up on your offer will probably take you up on your next Gentlemanly Offer to "shave their legs & other tender parts" for them...

Life is Good. Enjoy
Great! Thanks for the welcome, guys. It's good to find I'm not the only twenty-something on the site -- or Western Canadian, for that matter (though I was born in Nova Scotia...)!

Slainte Mhath,

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