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It has begun..

... I suffer from HAD, almost sure now... today i logged in to order a Norton 4000/8000 combo with lapping plate to compliment mu DMT6E/F combo and couticle... instead I ordered a set wich also included the 220/1000 Norton as well...

I simply figured that I am now getting so many (from my standard - most of you guys are FAR ahead of me!) quality straights that I dont want to use my DMT more than neccessary - I do feel (as some pointed out) that it does remove a bit too much metal, too fast. It will still be fine for my kitchen knives though, and straights in need of a lot of care...

Anyway... I still feel somehting is missing - a finishing stone! I know the 8000 Norton van give a good usable edge, and of course I do have the couticle, but that is quite small and irregular as well as having a learning curve and so i am looking for a chinese 12k stone as finisher. Living in Hong Long I thought I be able to order across the border, but it seems that the packaging for the 12k is the same or close to identical to orger stones form same source of lower grit, and I am not sure I can manage to order the right one.

So, my question is if there are any good source of chinese 12k stones online that deliver to Hong Kong? (guess I can figure out the last part myself if I only get a reference to reliable source...)
the 'bay' has many chinese 12 k stones available, i have one from that source but the chinese 12 k is a hard stone, which makes i somewhat hard to lap but difficicult to 'dish'. tom


Moderator Emeritus
I got my Chinese stone from an Australian chain called Carba-tec, which sells woodworking tools. good price, but I'm not sure if they sell internationally.
Thanks legion, it seems that they do deliver internationally, but give shipping quotation manually so i have to wait and see where it ends.
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