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ISO - rose with green notes.

I have some vintage C&S 88, Dr. Jon's arrived today, a few custom blends from Etsy and now I'd like to buy something more traditional scented, not powdery, with some green notes but rose predominantly. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Domenico Caraceni 1913
Amouage Lyric Man
Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady
Azzaro Acteur

For additional suggestions you should try searching Basenotes or Fragrantica
MFK l'homme a la rose is a pleasant green rose that's not overpowering.

Also by MFK for cooler weather are two rose/ oud combinations that, in extrait concentration, will survive a shower:
Oud Satin Mood and
Oud Silk Mood
Following! One of favorite scents is Rose, yet I have no Rose fragrance!

And it seems to me it was all around me as a lad.... mostly mom, grandma... But men wore examples as well.

We have been ruined by "in your face" Axe type stuff...I long for subtleties in music, humor, scents.... EVERYTHING is so loud today.

Completely agree across the board. I usually pick up vintage bottles here and there, some Polo Green, Brut along with a few scents from artisan soap makers and some Etsy oils. I don't want anyone to smell me coming and subtle comment is spot on.
Zaharoff just recently released a rose scent

Zaharoff just recently released a rose scent

Another sample to order! Thank.you!!!
I'll add to the list:

Penhaligon's The Hammam Bouquet
Cartier Declaration d'un Soir
Revillon French Line (for a subtle rose in the mid)
Thank you! I tried the Penhaligon's many many years ago and may need to revisit. Lots of samples on the way in. Will check out the other two mentioned.
Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet is quite powdery, no? It's currently out of production, too I believe.

I haven't had time to research yet today. A quick search shows EDT still available but other Hammam shave items are discontinued. Powdery is not on the list of likes.
Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet is quite powdery, no?

To me HB smells a whole lot like Johnson's Baby Oil. I would not say powdery exactly the way some scents smell powdery. But not green either.

I would not consider Domenico Caraceni 1913, Amouage Lyric Man, or C&S 88 green either. All fine scents, just not green.

I do not think I know any of the other suggestions, which is unusual for me. Good luck.
Found one so far that I purchased a full bottle of. Chatillon Lux rose santal which is about a straight ahead rose scent that I've found. The description mentions sandalwood but it's very faint. More samples on the way.
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