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ISO: Classy looking aftershave bottle

I was going to post this in the B/S/T area but maybe I've been inactive too long in order to start new threads there because it doesn't let me :blush:

Post shave I splash on a mixture of Old Spice and Witch Hazel. I've been using the typical plastic bottle that Old Spice comes in but my fiancee and I just moved to a new apartment and I now have my own bathroom. This one is spacious, clean, and clear of female disaster so I want to class it up (it's also be the guest bathroom).

The decor in the bathroom is mainly all black and I keep most all my shaving supplies out on the counter. Anyone have a suggestion for a glass bottle with nice plug style top that will work for aftershave? I'd prefer it to be free of any labels unless it's Old Spice (since that's what in there). I'm thinking something similar to how scotch is displayed.

If I remember I'll try to snap some pictures of my setup at home.

I'd be happy to be pointed to anything found online, but I'd prefer to buy from a forum member if they have something available :)

EDIT: Something like this would be ideal if it didn't have the Polo logo on it

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