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GIVEAWAY! Island of Forgotten Toys PIF

Count me in. Wow! Super generous. Had my eye on the winning razor and missed out. Couldn't pull the trigger in time before they were discontinued. I'm A big Pinaud fan and am intrigued by the lilac vegatal. Seems everyone loves it or hates it. To whoever the lucky winner is, I would highly recommend transferring the lilac vegetal to a glass bottle and letting it sit for at least 2 weeks prior to use. This works great for all the other Pinaud products I've tried. It really enhances the scent. Don't know why, but trust me it works. Haven't used Arko for a while and really miss it. Good luck to all and thank you sir for your generousity.
I've used all three. In fact, the Winning Razor is what I've currently got in the rotation.

This PIF tells me all I need to know about you. You're both a gentleman and a low down dirty scoundrel. :c9: The Winning is a great razor loved by several members here, Arko has a following for a reason, but only the devious would force the Veg on someone.

Great PIF!
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