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Is Your Alum Block Broken?

Is your alum block broken?

  • Yep. It's now alum blocks.

    Votes: 10 38.5%
  • Nope. What's your problem, butterfingers?

    Votes: 12 46.2%
  • Don't use the stuff.

    Votes: 4 15.4%

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Head Cheese Head Chef
Yep. I sure did. There was the biggest chunk that was still serviceable. Didn't bother replacing it until this afternoon when I found a block in a small Indian grocery store.

I was just wondering what percentage of B&B members that use alum have managed to drop theirs.

Mind you at one time or another I think I've managed to drop at least one of each type of my shaving equipment. I'm really not a klutz.

Eben Stone

Staff member
To get better grip, lets say for skin stretching, you can rub your wet fingers on the alum, and now your fingers will stick to your skin, even through lather.

So, what I cannot understand, is why the alum block is so slippery to hold. Shouldn't my wet fingers stick to it like glue?

My first alum wasn't a block, but the Omega alum stick. After many uses I noticed a small crack at the top. I hadn't dropped it. After more uses, I realized the crack was getting bigger and ended up being an opening into a little cavern inside the alum stick. It was hollow inside, like a geode.

After that I bought two Osma blocks. I've managed to drop both of them. The first one shattered into little bits like it was a grenade, exploded with little pieces of alum shrapnel everywhere. The second one just lost a small piece at one of the corners.
I've been using an Omega alum stick. This kind of looks like a shaving soap stick, with a handle on the bottom and a little plastic case to hold it. It works well, and so far no problem holding on to it.

I've yet to drop anything in the bathroom, I mean "shaving den" but at some point I might. When I handle things, I'm purposeful. I've used Crystal Deodorant potassium alum in the tube but it's a nuisance, some free form blocks I once bought in a moment of stupidity, and for many years, the Osma block. I dry it after use an keep a good grip on it when wet. Being deliberate usually forestalls accidents but all it takes is a moment of losing that deliberateness and something breaks or crashes or falls. As I get older, it's the last one I really focus on!
I use my during shower, it prevents bad sweat smell
So, I have dropped it couple of times, it is sharo, be careful, but after 3-4 showers, sharo edge is gone...
If your alum block is worn down or you’ve broken it you should send it back and exchange it for one of those everlasting ones like I have.
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